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i dont have time for this confusion and have the proof

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Rewards====here is my reward file  now go see below my payment on credit card

As of today your estimated payment is: $20Your next plan cycle starts: Sep 10, 2021
Plan Cost (Including Discounts)$25


Total Rewards earned
As of today your estimated payment is:

Actual amount may change based on account activity prior to your payment due date.
10 day plans are not eligible for rewards.


i have no time for this bull**bleep** it seems i been screwed last 3 years


Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

darlicious you seem angry about the past, go out take some air, may i sujjest i ride to the cirque du soleil----invite your followers the peanut gallery. i come here and read this inside clown joke about the history of the posts


i remeber you ---darlicious

do you remeber me 

you asked me to refer you

no time for bully political posts

i come here as customer not to be insulted by your insider message

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

anhow moving forward i do want to move a virgin mobile customer to public mobile and i have already a number from public mobile therefore i would like to transfer from virgin but keep my public mobile number


sorry for confusion

i have no time myself but i try my best

 @dboxtvinfo715 : You can't.

Transfer in - original number disappears.

Transfer out - account closes.

Maybe, with luck, you can pick-up that original number in the not too distant future into a new PM account.

Some might say that maybe the CSA's will do this for customers. But it's against their policy.

Is that acceptable from the peanut gallery?


Really? Gee I wonder who has the better memory? Please check your insults at the door. I kindly did not report your perma-ban-able private message to me and chose to ignore it out of courtesy. In other word's....mind your P's and Q's.