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how do i keep my rewards loyalty plan but transfer a phone number registerd to sim

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

basically the number neds to be transferred to a home line and this number is with public--but i do want to keep the 2 years loyalty plan i just need a way to save the current number by transferring out while waiting for a new number and keep this public account opened


Mayor / Maire

Any port out closes your PM account.

But your case is very specific. I would suggest to contact agent; they might offer you some suggestions if that is possible as you are not closing your account, you just want current number to be switched to another provider and you want to get new number.

Mayor / Maire


If its a bell number going back to bell then it's very do-able but all the work and onus is on bell wanting to retrieve the phone number once released by pm. Since you would control its release by using the change number feature in your account you would just have to get bell to agree to retrieve the number from the holding pool and co-ordinate its transfer to the landline account when you choose a new number for your pm account in your self serve account. The moment you confirm that you have chosen a new pm number the original bell number is released back to them by pm.





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