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error in bill

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I was charged $70 extra and would like this credited back to my credit card


Oracle, please merge this post to the following post as OP is try to get moderator to refund/adjust the overpaymnmet.

@Correna please use the 3 dots on the top right of your post to remove your personal information from the post.  This is a public forum. You have to contact the moderators and ask them for a refund. It takes around a month for refunds to be issued. It's better to leave it in your account and use it to pay for your next 30 day cycle. Stay safe. 


@computergeek541 , oracles please remove @Correna 's personal information from the post.  Thanks.



The extra funds should be in your available balance for use for future payments.  If you really need the funds, you can contact moderator to see whether they can credit your credit card.  It will take about one month for that to happen.  Sometimes, it is easier just to leave for future payments. 


Please remove your personal information.  

Mayor / Maire

@Correna you need to delete all your sensitive information you've just posted. this is a public forum and anyone and everyone can see your info 😯


@will13am  Wallace


contact customer support here


type "payment issue"

(use the chat bubble options, click "cannot process payment" then click "voucher" then click "contact us" then click "submit a ticket, click me" option)


make sure to check your inbox(top right corner envelope icon) periodically, for a response