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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Is it possible that I could dail an real person to ask what I like to know?


Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Let us know what phone you're using too

Mayor / Maire

Hi @XinnuoLi what problem are you facing?  if you like you can share here and maybe we can help.


And if you open the ticket, they might send you a link for webchat.  But there is no guarantee,  I think it depends in the nature of the ticket 

Mayor / Maire

Nope. Only support from PM staff is through personal mail or ticket. Everything else ask here.

To contact CSA-agent, there are 2 methods:

If ticketing does not work very first time, contact agent directly.

- Send a private message to the CSA - agent by clicking Here

Mayor / Maire

Give us a try...what question do you have, then we can direct you.


there is no live-agent for you to call. All issues are dealt with either here in the Community Forum or using the chat-bot for account related questions.Top of this page, click Get Help / Chat with Simon to start the process. Watch the envelope icon on top right side of the page will be highlighted when they respond to your question.

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Can only open a service ticket online with pm.