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can't receive calls

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I switched from lucky to public mobile and had service through here for couple weeks and have tried everything the bot simon says but still can't receive calls ( I carried my previous number over ) I'm ready to cancel and go back to lucky if it does get fixed I should get a free month I literally paid same amount with lucky but had to go to the corner store lol it would beat dealing with this mess help me fix it please


Mayor / Maire


Did you reply to the text confirming you are porting over to PM?

This need to be done to complete the porting process.

If you still have your Lucky SIM, see if it still works. If it does then porting was NOT completed.

You need contact a CS_Agent if this is the case.

Mayor / Maire

@dylanduke  - do you still have services on your lucky sim card? IS that account still active?

IF yes, then you may have not responded to the text with your lucky sim card in the phone to approve the port.


If you have activated a new account and transferred over from another provider, note that incoming calls are usually the last to port over.Cell ports can take 2-3 hours. Use the previous provider's SIM card to receive the porting transfer text for


Submit a ticket with Public Mobile representatives (CSA) for help; click this link for issues with transfer/porting of phone numbers over to Public Mobile.


Or, you can try calling the Telus porting phone number, which we are not supposed to post here. So, check your private messages I will send it to you there.