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can,t log in

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

i opened three accounts a couple of years ago for my wife and I and grandson which included 3 different email addresses and used my cedit card to use auto pay for all 3 which worked fine and  now I can,t log in because it doesn,t reconize there email addresses for me to make payment updates


Mayor / Maire


If you can recall your PM pin number, you can also pay by dialing 611 from each phone, using your on file credit card.

Mayor / Maire

So you either signed them up yourself online or did them in a store and then created accounts at the time?


I've seen the mention here that if one does not login to the account after some period of time that the login credentials kind of go dormant. You would need support to re-enable login.

Did you try password reset? Did you choose the right registered email address? Did the reset password email arrive?