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Xiaomi - Anyone bought or using a Xiaomi or chinese brand phone

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

I'm looking into getting a Xiaomi phone, but 'm hearing that they dont work well in Canada and the U.S. Does anyone have one. Do they work with Public Mobile/ Telus.


where are people buying phone online?  I have about $300 to spend and need to make a decision. I have not bouth alot of stuff online. And buying stuff onle from china seems scary AliExpress etc.


Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Thanks for all the replies everyone.


Alot of the suggestions people suggestion I had looked into before..such as Getting a well known American brand that you dont have to worry about such as the   Moto. Pixel is too much much money to drop out of pocket at one time. I would of bought it just for the camera if I had a lot of money to spare.


I dropped Xiaomi brands from consderation due to their lack of bands for  North America, and having to have to figure out the bands if the would work


Choosing products especiall higher cost items based on online reviews is very hard. But I disregared the bad few bad reviews and went with Umidigi.


I bought the Umidigi F1 Play  from Amazon which was delivered in 1.5 days.  bought  past midnight on the Sunday so early Monday AM, and Canada post attempted delivery at 1pm on tuesday.

There was problems with Umidigi  having problems shipping out the F2 to the public from Asia, and I didnt want to pay duty and deal with them from China. Their phones have all the bands for North american phones,  and the the overall package of   ROM drive space, RAM was amazing. The camera is not the best, but its a budget phone


Very good phones ..(so far)...for the price. Anyone that doesnt care about brand name phones should look into these phones