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Wrongly Suspended Account

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen



I have sent two private messages to the moderator team and both have been ignored. The first was yesterday afternoon and the second was this morning. In the snippet I read, I think from your AI bot, it said moderators try to reply within a couple hours. Why am I being ignored? I wasn't rude or abusive in my messages and they don't contain any foul language so I don't understand why no one has answered me. I explained in detail that for medical reasons I really need my phone and yet I have been ignored!


I paid my 3 month bill in full on April 12th. It was processed to renew my account on April 19th and 20th. Now it says I am suspended because my bill was due May 23rd and I didn't pay it! As I said, I require my phone for medical reasons. I am very ill, I am on oxygen and I am a shut-in. I sometimes require an ambulance or to contact people by phone, my phone is my life-line - literally! There have been other serious complications caused by my phone being cancelled without cause and without notice, some of which I mention in my 2 messages to the moderator team. 

I get sent text messages about my bill all the time so why did I not get a text saying my phone was being unjustly cancelled without cause? Public Mobile cannot possibly expect me to pay a 3 month bill 2 months in a row! That is insane and it is wrong. I refuse to pay them another 126$ 1 month after I just paid it! Because my phone was shut off without notice I missed the delivery of my very important medications yesterday morning. I am terminally ill, I now have had no medication for the pain since yesterday morning and I hurt beyond belief. I have no working phone now so I have no way to contact anyone.

My daughter, who I live with is in Montreal and won't return until Monday evening. I assured her I would be fine because I could call someone if I really needed help, right? I thought I could anyway. You know, because my bill was paid in full and not due again until July. July! Not May.

I am going to stop now because I am in pain, I am frustrated beyond belief and I am angry that my phone got cut off for no reason and that on top of my phone being wrongly suspended, I get ignored when I try to report it and work it out. I sent private messages because I wanted to keep my business out of the main forum but what shame is there in dying, right? We all have to do it eventually. I plan to hold on as long as I  can but right now, with the pain so bad because I missed my medication delivery, well... (**EDIT**) ... it's hard to hang in there and stay positive. But I'll be fine. I always am.


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Just want to add that it's not just you - I paid for 90 day cycle in April, but service has been cut off in May due to my account being suspended for "non-payment".


I sent a PM to Mods a couple of days ago and have yet to hear from them. It does sound like they are busy at the moment in addition to being the weekend, but your situation is quite urgent and I hope that they resolve your case soon!



Tried the lost/stolen phone trick but no luck.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

@Dunkman I went a while ago to try this and I was pressing the "suspend account" button but nothing was happening. When I tried to change pages to then go back to it, a message said the site is having maintenance lol. For some reason I don't think I should be buying any lottery tickets any time soon lol

I got into trying to play ESO for a bit, did a 1 person dungeon... couldn't kill the stupid bird boss tho //sigh...


I think I'm going to lay down for a bit, not feeling well. I doubt the moderators can do anything to help me while the site is down. Thank you and I will try this again when maintenance is done 《☆》.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

@dabr thank you for commenting. You helped convince me to go check it out but I was too late, maintenance started. Will try it again afterwards. 

@dovahlicious wrote:

@dabr thank you for commenting. You helped convince me to go check it out but I was too late, maintenance started. Will try it again afterwards. 

Well that was unannounced. Jeez. It better be fixing these ridiculous autopay problems.


Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

@Luddite thanks bunches for that link. I checked out and it sounds great. I did finally get an answer from my daughter on messaging and I gave her my favourite pharmacist's home number (he is a friend also) and she called him at home and he said he would come here himself in the early AM and buzz the manager to let him in... she will because she knows him, he used to live in this same building... and he will bring me my meds around 5 AM. I am going to setup and use it tho. Not sure if I'll port my number and forward it tho, I might just make sure everyone important has the secondary number in their phones or on file.

Thank you so much for that tho, it was extremely thoughtful of you to share it 《♡》.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Thank you @kekly  That is far from good news. Maybe the reason they are so busy is because this has happened to many people and everyone is writing in complaining and asking for it to be fixed.

I am sorry to hear it has happened to you as well, it is a terrible thing. If you look back a few comments in this thread, @Luddite suggested a site called I checked it out and it sounds wonderful. Completely free calls within Canada and free texts to other customers. Alternatively, you can pay a mere 5$ /month for unlimited Canada wide texting.

I did get a hold of my daughter finally and she contacted my pharmacist at home and around 5 AM tomorrow morning I will have my medication. Once I have that the wait will be nothing even tho it is still frustrating that I paid my bill on time as I always do and my service got axed, but you know that frustration. If I do need to contact someone I will use

I would seriously look at @Luddite 's post and check out fongo. Thank you so much for sharing your wait info with me so I know what to expect. I hope they get you up and running soon 《☆》.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

@z10user4 oh really? I just thought it was regular maintenance time. Maybe they are fixing whatever has gone wrong. It's obvious their computer had a bit of a nervous breakdown and broke a lot of accounts lol

Regardless, some good came out of this for me. I learned about and I learned how kind, helpful and wonderful at least some of the PM community are.

I am going to lay down now. Thanks for mentioning  that it isn't normal to have maintenance at this time.  I have hope my account may be fixed when I next check it. Have a great night《♡》.