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Wrong phone order

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I ordered the wrong phone today. Is it possible to either cancel the transaction or adjust it so I get the correct phone? 


Customer Support Agent

I hope your day is excellent!

I'm just following up on your case to check if you still need assistance from our end, also I would like to mention that the system will close the ticket 24 hours after its creation of it.

We will be waiting for your response.

Thank you for your time.

Kind Regards, 

Customer Support Agent.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I received your message that the order has successfully been cancelled. Thank you very much for your help! I appreciate it. 

@dust2dust  "There are three "accounts " used here. 1. the shop account, 2. the service account, 3. the community account."


Make that 4 accounts - self serve and rewards/points are now separate logins, though with same username & password. 😵💫

>>> ALERT: I am not a CSA. Je ne suis pas un Agent du soutien à la clientèle.

Luddite: I haven't tried it yet but if a password change changes the other then they're one account. If they can have independent passwords then indeed 4. Anybody remember if this place remembers old passwords and stops you from using it?