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Won’t accept my payment

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I need assistance . My phone got disconnected . I paid on Dec 18 at bank. When called they said the only do online payments now . How do I change . It says someone has to activate my account . 



Mayor / Maire

@TonyYantha1948 -

Can you log into My Account to check the status of your account?

OR, call 611 from your device to check the status, or call  # 1-855-478-2542 or # 1-855-4PUBLIC from another line.

If Public Mobile reports in the recording saying they are having difficulty finding your account then you have been in nonpay status for over 90 days and lost your account, phone number, any funds in your account and access to My Account.


If the message says you are Suspended then you can still get this account activated.

Login using your email and password:


If having issues with your password, use the Forgot your password option to reset it, found here:

If an email is received (check spam/junk folder) then the email is likely registered.


If still issues logging to with My Account, you can submit a ticket here to: Create, forgot or change My Account email or password link

Mayor / Maire


Who and how did you activated your SIM?

You can make payment with your CC on your account or pay with an voucher.

Just dial 611 and make a payment with a voucher. You can make a purchase of a voucher from these locations:


Or you can login to your account and enable AutoPay or activate the payment on 611.


when did your regular plan last expire ?

Get payment vouchers as suggested, dial 611 to add them to your account to get you going.

Spend some time learning how your PM operates. If you have questions, ask away...we're here to assist.

Sounds like you're unsure if you created a PM account...and how to maneuver around it.


did you create an account ? As part of the account creation process, you'd have selected a 4 digit secret pin number.

Using your laptop, log in to your PM account using incognito mode. My Account / Profile / Reset PIN .

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Where do you get your pm number ?

Mayor / Maire


payed at bank ???

Dial 611 to get account status report. You can pay by dialing 611, using your credit card, but you need your PM pin number.

Alternative is get payment vouchers at Shell gas, then dial 611.

Mayor / Maire



Log into self serve and make a payment using a credit card.


 Or purchase a PM payment voucher.