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Why is there no customer support?

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I have a plan with province-wide minutes, but it won't let me complete calls to within my own city because i apparently don't have a long distance add-on.


Not only do I have long-distance minutes, the call is local.



And to add icing to the cake, there is literally no way to contact any human being that works for public, and their chat bot is about as useful as asking a brick wall for help.



EDIT: It's okay everyone, I've found the solution: Take my business to a company that isn't completely incompetent!


Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire


As some have mentioned, Public Mobile tried marketing their plans to Province-only minutes but realized this wasn't good for business and switched availability back to Canada-wide minutes.  People who got "caught" signing up to the Province-only plan can switch to the Canada-wide plan.  🙂


As for 811 (and similar numbers), it's not really a standard "Local Telephone Number."  Instead, you can think of it as a special "shortcut" number that some companies/providers will offer to make things easier for people.  You can often lookup the local telephone-number equivalent if you're caught in this position.


As for taking your business to another company... this is valid.  If online-only support isn't working for you, there are other services out there that will suit you better.  As a "no frills" budget service, it works well but lacks the level of interactive support you'll find with others.

Honest, it's also part of the customer fault for not understanding what they have signed up for.   The service didn't change since they joined.   


When they joined, they were only blinded by the price.  When things didn't go the way they want, they are upset, then  they complain and make an "interesting" name to show their frustration.    

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

LOL ... maybe the Mayors should all get together and right one post so we don't need to read the same thing over and over . 


You guys are all  blaming the customer for not knowing what they are getting in to ... so please  explain what part of "all our support is on line " should lead one to believe that  it is find it yourself  type of place ? 


When I asked questions when I first checked out PM, the live chat  was available almost immediately PM can pay for that but not pay you guys to provide live chat  to individual accounts like the angry guy .  Typical Canadian marketing crap . 


Lol ...and reading what some of you guys have experienced  and seem to tolerate in the ways on inconsistent service ,I'm starting to wonder if PM was the right choice no matter how cheap you think they are compared to others . 

 @barndoor : In all my years with Telus and now with this place, I _rarely_ needed help. I can wait. As is often said around here, it's not a fit for everyone. Free is pretty darn cheap to have cell service on a main provider network. I can live with a few foibles. I can also live with a few "glitches" that go our way.

This place also seems to be fixing things or removing their error-prone ways. The community traffic has substantially dropped the last while. Are people going straight to the moderators? Maybe. With things seemingly working smoothly, their response times seem to have become shorter.

"all our support is on line "  -- It really open for interruption.  


As many emphasized,  this support model might not fit everyone.  From Telus points of view, they offer 3 different levels of service and different pricing , so people could choose the one they like.  


Whether I want live chat, a phone to call?  Yes, I do.  But if that comes with a "Price"??  then I think I am fine to have it stay as-is.


So you're is not for everyone. Like @z10user4  a nearly $0 bill or in my case two $0 bills are hard to beat. And as i said in my previous post in this thread 9 minutes from start to finish for a moderator to care of my support request is hardly lack of customer service.


Some people look at a glass as half empty I prefer to see mine as half full....of a nice cabernet!

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

@softech wrote:

"all our support is on line "  -- It really open for interruption.  



Oh is lovely and ambiguous  when you see after the fact what it means .  

Would a normal customers first contact not be to search out plans  ...and voila the live chat bubble  comes up in the corner and you can access someone to ask questions of almost immediately .  If that was your first and only experience why should the wording of that ad make it  so blaringly  obvious to customers  that it is a diy type of support ?? 


Is there some reason why PM doesn't take the need for interpretation out of that ad and make it clear what their version of on line support is ? 

You guys go on about the wonderful prices here  but look at the 1000's of posts you are logging to get those wunnerful prices ... as one of you pointed out ...put a price on that time and boy are your plans expensive . 

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I have read the first 2 pages of this thread and have come to the conclusion that it does not matter what anyone has to say to try to help him/her whether it is the general community or the moderators. @angry1 seems to be hell bent on trashing Public Mobile and it's system of operation for whatever reason he has chosen to do so. I can only say that I have been a subscriber to Public Mobile for the past 9 months and have no complaints whatsoever. Sure I have had an issue or 2 with the system but I have always got them solved in a very timely manner. @angry1  needs to listen to what people are telling him/her and have a little patience. I'm sure the competitors would love to have the account but be prepared to most likely pay more for less service than PM is providing. Cut your nose off to spite your face.


Nice one! Did you end up getting your $1 referral reward applied manually to your account?

 @barndoor : The regulars here are well aware that the time spent is totally not worth the reward paid. There are the intangibles of some camaraderie and socializing and just good ol' feeling good about helping people. And something to do these days. Though that's becoming less with the substantially less traffic here for the last while.