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Why is the Public Mobile on-line system so useless?

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Things work better when you login by  laptop / desktop.

Mayor / Maire


Why ?, you ask ....



Mayor / Maire

@M0 .. useless ? give use clear examples and maybe we can provide workarounds


Generally speaking, always use Incognito mode to avoid confusion 

You can try using Desktop or laptop if you run in to issue, especially payment

if payment is an issue, wait at least an hour to try again , or you can use *611 to try paying.  But before you use *611, make sure you have the 4 digits PIN or reset it on My Account's profile page first.


No, in most cases, you do not need to open ticket with PM support , we can likely able to suggest workaround.


Mayor / Maire


It seems that it is related to a cache issue on the website but I never had any issue accessing my account on my iPhone or my desktop.

I can access right away and always have the 2FA code sent by text.

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

@M0  it can be a bit tricky when new to it but once your learn to navigate it , it’s pretty good and with a wonderful community here to support you there always a fix 

Mayor / Maire

Logging in issues is common with Public Mobile’s website, which displays outdated information, to deal with this:


  • Try clearing cache and cookies and opening an incognito tab
  • Try using a completely different browser from a completely different device which does not have stored/remembered credentials
  • If you're using a device with stored/remembered credentials on Chrome browser, sometimes when these autofill, the device also attempts to automatically log you in.  If your device does this, do not tap the sign in button while it is trying to log you in as it will deliver an error message every time and appear to not let you login.


Also, try tapping the highlighted area when logged into self-serve for a refreshed page version: