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Why am I paying more?

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Where can I view my monthly bills? Nothing has changed. We still have discounts for refer-a-friend and the discount for autopay. But my bill has gone up by almost $5. Nothing has changed. Can someone please help me figure this out?


Mayor / Maire


You didn't happen to use lost/stolen at all in the last 30 days? Or are you looking at the amount owing for your next renewal? Because they don't deduct your rewards and give you an estimated payment instead they tell you the full payment owing. But you can scroll down to your next payment on the payments page to view your estimated payment with the rewards deducted.

Mayor / Maire


if you're on the old $10 plan they increased it to $13

Mayor / Maire

If you have any friend referrals...check to see if they still have PM accounts. Maybe they've moved on. view your payment history, log in to your account / Payments / look to the right for View Payment it. You'll see the record of your payments there.



Mayor / Maire

You can see your current bill at Payments and previous bills through View Payment History.

Check if any of your referrals are suspended or they dropped off.

What rewards do you usually get? It could be timing issue if bill is created before Community rewards are considered.

Mayor / Maire

@MarlySt79 hi did you make an early renewal or change to the new rewards system lately? you can view your monthly bills in your self serve account