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Which free data gets used first ?

Mayor / Maire

I notice that while I still have unused gifted data from last 2 years available...the More is Merrier data and LD minutes are being used already. It's not a critical issue...just curious why the older gifts aren't being consumed before newer.

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Agree that data bucket shouldn't matter.


For Long Distance, it's true that the proper , specific Long Distance add-on should be used  first if it is on the account.   But again, we won't know until the situation comes up.  I think we had a discussion yesterday and PM might have taken the minutes wrong.  If that is the case, definitely need to check with PM and make sure they fix that

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I personally don't care about which gift data gets consumed in what order. As long as plan data is finished first it can use whatever it likes. Although I have a hunch it uses paid add-ons before gift add-ons which may be is it's own problem similar to the minutes.


Calling absolutely should be prioritized for individual demands. If you have Canada-wide then use the Canada-wide..not the gift minutes for a Canada call. Same for US. Same for UK. Same for India.

OCD aside,  so would I, @hairbag1 





@HALIMACS....all LD calls were to the same number in Mexico.

Like I's not a big deal, prolly just my OCD gets tweeked when I see new minutes getting consumed before old. 🤣



The long-distance minutes are a little more suspect.


Perhaps it had to do with the calling destinations for the respective bonus add-ons being taken from one bucket versus the other at the time of use.


It should all awash in the end anyway as long as you're not using your international long-distance minutes in place of your available plan minutes for Canada wide calling. 


Then that's a problem. 

okay....the LD minutes then ?

Mayor / Maire

@hairbag1  - I think this has been inquired about before. I don't believe there has been a definite resolve though.


I think that Overview section should be dated  on the day it was added (YYYY/MM/DD), and ordered in some fashion by type, like all calling minutes grouped, data types grouped.


IT should be FIFO (First in First out (used)) I would think. And would be really nice if Public Mobile tidied up this part of customer's Self Serve areas.

Mayor / Maire



Looks to me like you've referenced a data bucket from last year, not the most recent promotion.


The most recent one is the "2GB one- time data bonus"  above the two with the arrows.