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When i put my sim card into another phone all my data disappeare

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

The other phone i was using totally so Glitched It's absolutely and totally unusable so I put my simcard into this moto z2 play and because that pm was saying I still have atleast 1GB  SO ANNOYING !!! you guys and gals ever experience this?  If you did what was the fix? Thank you for All you do 








You need to take advantage of any access to free wifi as possible so when you set up a new/old phone that important updates, data back ups and downloads in general are getting done on wifi. Try to plan when you can do this....meeting for a coffee at Timmy's? Upload your photos to your google account, download some music to your phone or a micro sd card in your phone.


To find local cafes with free wifi...


The next time you are near free wifi download this app to help you find free wifi where ever you go...

Retired Oracle / Oracle Retraité

Does anyone completely understand what the issue is?  @Seawatersoul could you give us a few more details?  Such as:

- how much data is included in your plan?

- how much data did you think you had remaining before you moved the SIM card to the Moto?

- were you expecting to have more than 1 GB remaining at that point in time, or less?

- what was annoying about having "at least" 1 GB remaining? 


In other words: what were you expecting and what annoyed you?



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