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What’s happening with account billing

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

my billing issues are totally messed up. Notices of non -payment, telling me I used up my data, no acknowledgment of a purchase of extra data. Even trying to does base with a real person to get some answers isn’t working. Are others experiencing this? Does anyone have telephone number to call for help. I’ve been satisfied with Public thus far but this is fast making me look elsewhere. 


Mayor / Maire

@revscott   you made similar post yesterday.


Some already suggested you to use Incognito mode to check My Account again, wonder if you have tried


for contacting agent, as explained by other on your yesterday post, there is no live support phone number but you can open ticket with PM Support.  Wonder if you have started a ticket yet


But if you prefer to discuss further here, maybe we can help too.  But you have to reply and provide us more info and maybe some screenshots



Mayor / Maire

@revscott - Is your account status Active?

Are you able to use your calling and texting services without issue?


You had another post about data issues. Were you able to add the Fiona addon successfully?


Check if your phone is set up to send you a warning of data limits on a device level, or has a data limiter on it that will shut data off if it reaches a certain level.

If you do use your device to check data levels, ensure the start date is the same as your plan start date...remember plans are 30 days here, not monthly. Or, try installing a 3rd party app to track 30 day data plans.




PM support system consists of 2 levels:

First level is member-helping-member on the community forum.  If your issue requires access to your account, member will help you to create a trouble ticket to obtain help from a Customer Service Agent (CSA).  CSA are PM employees and can access your account.

Second level is provided by CSA by creating a support ticket.


This system provides help as soon as possible.  You will find someone will provide help on this community.  Stay on this forum to to provide details of your issues.



If you can,

1.  please provide a screenshot of your first page after login with your personal info masked out as anyone can access this forum.

2.  When was your renewal date?

3.  Did you received any help from a CSA after repeated renewal issues?


Please provide more info for use to help you.  Thank you for your patient.


My account was renewal this morning without any issue.



Mayor / Maire


For an up-to-date version of your new self-serve account make sure you always log in using the secret/incognito mode otherwise you will get the cached version of your account.


Has your account actually been suspended? Public Mobile has been sending out new notices to customers anticipating the possibility of account suspension if your credit card is close to expiring however they often send these notices out in error along with data usage texts. If you know your information is up to date and you manage your data well you can safely ignore these texts or emails you may be receiving. If you are unsure always refer to your self serve account using secret/incognito mode to login.


As far as contacting customer support what exactly is the issue? Do you have trouble submitting a support ticket via Simon? Do you not get a response?