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Upgraded 3G 5GB plan to 4G 15GB for half a year, but speed is still throttled to 3G speeds!!!

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hi if you guys know how to resolve this:


I upgraded my 3G 5GB plan to 4G 15 GB plan half a year or so ago, however my speeds are still working at 3G speeds, in fact when I do a speed test, the speeds are throttled to 3G limits just like when I had the 3G plan.  What is the point of switching to this 4G plan if the speeds are still the same?  Can someone from the administration/technical support at Public Mobile please rectify this issue? 


Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Many have been experiencing no noticeable speed improvement. So I agree that there is absolutely no point in switching from 3G to 4G plans other then taking advantage of the current $40 plan's 15 GB data.

Mayor / Maire



Just to be clear, do you have automatic Network selection and do you by any chance have a manual connection to the 3G only in your network settings?




If resetting network connections and setting your device to lte/4g does not resolve the issue, let the customer support agents know.


While you're at it, you should also ask for maybe a few gigabytes of free data or at least a $20 credit on your account which they might be able to accommodate if you were only getting 3G speeds.


To contact a Customer Support Agent, there are 2 methods:


  1. Use the ticketing system for a faster response time. Click here to create a support ticket, or
  2. Send a private message to Customer Support Agent by clicking here.  You’ll need to be logged into your Community account for the link to work.


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