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Unlimited text and phone stopped working

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Daughter has $25 plan with unlimited text and phone calling but toward end of last month phone stopped working using data. She could text with wifi but not data. Phone calling is questionable as it was the only thing working and then stopped.  Everything started to work again when her plan tripped for the month. 

Is there something in her iphone setting to fix this.


Mayor / Maire

@Ft13 - just in case you are unclear. Plans are 30 days here not monthly. So if the calling was an issue for only the last day or so, are you on autopay or do you load funds prior to renewal? If loading funds maybe her account went suspended, thinking this was a monthly plan?


For texting, well regular SMS texts do not require data to be enable or on.

But if using iMessage or Chat Features (RCS Chats), these DO require a wifi connection or data enabled to send/receive texts.

  • if iMessage and you are out of data for your current cycle be sure to have SMS and MMS enabled in the settings of your device.
  • if you are using android and you use Chat Features (RCS Chats), then I suggest you turn that off, as it requires wifi or data to send/receive texts.

Disable your Chat Features (RCS Chats): 

  1. Open Messages
  2. Tap More options > Settings > Chat features
  3. Turn Enable chat features off


@Ft13   With voice issue, usually a phone reboot should resolve the problem.   

And what brand and model is your phone? 

is it still not working with voice now?   

Reboot the phone once first

if issue persists, try to change the Preferred network type or network mode on the phone to 3G Only (WCDMA) and see if the phone can connect at all and if voice works

Mayor / Maire

@Ft13  Maybe try resetting the network setting and reboot the phone and see if that helps 

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