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USA Data Roaming Add-On -- able to track usage?

Mayor / Maire

For all the years I've been with Public Mobile I've yet to actually use a USA roaming add-on myself. 😂 As such, I am planning a visit in the upcoming months so I'm curious to know from others who have used it recently:


If I buy a "US Roam-Talk Txt 3 GB Data(15d)" add-on for $30, does that data allotment show up in the add-ons section of the self-serve portal along with other domestic minutes and data add-ons showing the data remaining from that 3GB bucket so I can track data usage throughout those 15 days?


Thanks for the feedback @Jugie. Good to hear your data & texting services are working. Your experience with voice service seems to be consistent with the widely publicised 3G network shutdown, and warnings that voice service will be impacted. You may know this already, but with the 3G networks now completely absent in the USA, only T-Mobile still has a very sparse 2G network remaining for non VoLTE voice service, which is what our Public Mobile phones rely on for calls until Public Mobile every deploys VoLTE.


I am fully prepared for my voice service to be spotty -- as long as the SMS and data is reliable, I should be fine. Voice service will be bonus while it's available, and I expect the urban areas I'll mostly be visiting will have this coverage.


Otherwise, you might want to consider installing a VoIP app like TextNow on your phone which will give you a separate Canadian phone number, which you can use to make and receive calls with that number over mobile data or Wi-Fi as a backup for when there is no 2G network coverage in an area. (Just the app -- different than the free SIM version of TextNow mentioned by @BKNS27 above)

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I am currently in the US and had purchased the $30.00 add on for talk, text & data,   the text and data seem to be working OK but I am really having problems with the phone itself ( I have an iphone 13 ) certain areas I can not phone out at all and when this is happening ,  anybody trying to phone me it goes immediately to voicemail, when it works it works good,  at presently I am in an RV park in Yuma and my phone does not work here but when I leave and get about 3 miles away it works good,  also had a area about 30 miles out of Vegas where I tried numerous numbers and only one would it dial, don't know what the problem is and have sent a ticket to Public but haven't back and I am getting 2 bars for a signal


Yes, YextNow will only ship to an USA address and an American CC for the $0.99 SIM.

I had my brother in Texas order the SIM for me and mailed it to Canada.

@BKNS27  Last I checked the US TextNow SIM could only be shipped to a USA address. Can it be purchased at any retail vendors in person while in the US? I guess I could inquire with an airbnb host if they'd be willing to accept mail on our behalf.


I'll probably just get the 3GB/$30 add on since I'll be there for 2 weeks and want to ensure we have a reliable "baseline", but I will likely check out some local 7-11 type places for a local sim ie lyca mobile just to mess around with while there since I like to play/learn alternative options in a spare phone for extra hotspot "fun" data etc maybe...

Awesome, thanks for the first-hand feedback @whyveeare and @Munday !


I've heard some reports that the roaming add ons were breaking after 10 days (the length of the add ons before the increase to 15) so hopefully that was just a transition issue that's since been resolved.

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

I purchased the US Roam-Talk Txt 3 GB Data(15d) add-on for $30 while waiting to board my flight from YYZ to MIA on Wednesday morning. After landing, I manually connected to T-Mobile. I stayed in the city until heading to Port Miami on Friday.
Calling/data/texting worked perfectly. I can confirm there is a tracker for data on the add-ons page. The trackers for calling and texting just say unlimited. I’m very happy with the service. I like the 15 day length too. It lines up more with the way we travel.

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle


I was in the US over Christmas and purchased the talk/text/data US add-on (10 days at the time).  I can confirm that all three of these showed up as separate buckets in the add-on usage area of the self service portal.  It also showed how many days were left for all 3.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a screenshot to show you.  But they were definitely there.

Mayor / Maire


Let us know how it turns out with the PM Roaming Add-on.

I personally use the TextNow SIM with free calling and texting connected to T-Mobile in 4G/LTE when I cross the line to do some shopping and to Costco.



Mayor / Maire

I believe you’ll find it under plan and add on’s section, @Nezgar 


It’s not in your normal bucket of plan and bonus  particulars.

Mayor / Maire

Yes, you should be able to track it logging into your account and go to area where all add-ons are stored.

@Nezgar  Sorry I myself haven’t used roaming before either but since it’s a add on I suspect this will be place to find it not that many options in self serve otherwise… and enjoy your trip 


edit @hTideGnow no I haven’t but quite confident this is the place and also when I shared photo before for same basic question no one’s ever corrected me and there’s no shortage of community police around here to set a fella straight so I’m feeling 100% on it 

hi @Handy1 did you ever use US roaming and confirm the usage shows there?? @Nezgar is a regular here and he knows most stuff already 🙂

@Handy1  I don't see a USA roaming add-on in your screenshot. I have not purchased the add-on yet, so I'm curious what someone who has purchased it sees. I understand how to refresh the usage in the portal, and plan to do that after purchasing the add on it is indeed supposed to show along with the other add-ons like you have shown.

Mayor / Maire

@Nezgar  track it here 

Check add-ons /mins /Data



For most up to date account info

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