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US roaming

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hi, I’m going to Boston in US this weekend.

I stay in US only for 4days, so I try to buy add on.

My question is 

1. When can I buy add on? If I buy 2-3 days before the trip, it’s nothing affects when I use phone in Canada and after coming back from US?

2. Some people are talking that roaming service is not working in US. I searched Boston area is covered by 5G or 4G. I’m worried about if add on works.





Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Thank you! $7 Plan with 100 minutes is very nice plan! I’ll consider when I visit to US more longer.

@Kyopon  Hopefully not , talk can be hit or miss depending on location , but be sure to check that your connected to T mobile when visiting.. enjoy your trip 🙂

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Thank you! I request refund if it doesn’t work. Hope I don’t have any issue 

Mayor / Maire


If you are staying for only 4 days, you might want to use WhatsApp or TextNow on wifi for free while in Boston.
A cheaper alternative is to purchase a Tello SIM there. They offer a $7 Plan with 100 minute talk, free texting and a 1gb data. You can google their website for a plan that suit your needs.


The minimum PM plan is for 15 days which you will not use and only on 2G for talk & text and 4G for data on T-Mobile network.

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire


If you have any connection issues or the service doesn't work as expected, request a refund when you return.

Mayor / Maire

@Kyopon  It starts as soon as it’s purchased , and voice can be hit or miss , need to make sure it’s connected to T mobile 2G for voice text and data should be fine on the 4G /LTE network 


adding no it won’t affect your here at home or when you get back home , the US add on only works while in the US your phone will know when your not in Canada anymore and should  automatically want to use the roaming add on 

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