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Transferring my account to another provider

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Good morning,

I have applied a transfer to another provider with my existing phone number and still my account is active.

Thank you for your help





@sanjeev400 wrote:

Yes, I received an sms last Sunday and I replied YES


@sanjeev400   be careful before you attempt to close your account!!!


First, your new provider, are you receive incoming calls on your sim card?  You receive a text and you replied yes, but it is still possible your number has not be ported yet.    


Put your new sim card  in a phone and see if you call receive calls there.  Check that before you decide to do anything


Yes, of course, you can also open ticket with PM Support and have them to check if your number was ported.  To me, the account was not closed, it means the number wasn't ported.   You replied YES, but it could be that some technical issue the number was still with PM


Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle


@sanjeev400 wrote:

Yes, I received an sms last Sunday and I replied YES

@sanjeev400 hi that is rare that it happens but 

you need the help of a service rep to close your account

private message them here

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Yes, I received an sms last Sunday and I replied YES

Mayor / Maire

We are all customers and members like you here, and have no access to your account.


Did you leave the public mobile sim card in your phone to accept the SMS porting text @sanjeev400 ?

If not insert the public sim card back in your phone, and contact your new provider to resend the request to public, so that you can receive the text.


Cell ports can take 2-3 hours. Use the previous provider's SIM card to receive the porting transfer text for approval to port over to Public Mobile and to receive calls from until port is complete.


Does any (or all ) services work with your new provider?