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Transferring my account information to a new usim card

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I want to ask if is it possible to transfer my account information to new USIM card if I get a new one.
I'm not able to reach my old USIM card so currently I disabled my account and it's waiting for to be deactivated.
I want my number to be changed if I get a new USIM as well.


Mayor / Maire

@leyosu21   Yes changing SIM cards can be done by logging into your self serve account and clicking Profile from left hand side of page and then Change SIM option and fill in the new SIM number and verify if you didn't use 2FA to login.  This will transfer the number to the new SIM card, then put the SIM in your phone and reboot.


You'll need to Resume your service first before doing the above if the account is currently suspended using the lost/stolen option.

Mayor / Maire

HI @leyosu21   Yes , changing sim card is easy


But what you meant by you are waiting the account to be deactivated?   What did you do to disable the account?  You only need to login to My Account and click Lost/Stolen to temporary suspend the service


Then get a new sim card from a Telus or Koodo store near you

After you got the sim card, you logon to My Account, un-suspend your account (make it out of Lock/Stolen status and active again)

Then go to the profile page, edit account information and then you can enter the new sim card number to link it with your current account.


Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

@leyosu21 hi you can change your sim card in your self serve account in profile , you can also change your phone number there if you like the quickest place to get a sim is at a telus or koodo store