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Topped up account, but after 24hrs+, still no service "Emergency calls only"

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Hi Mods,

my account expired without my knowledge (no reminders or warnings were sent.. maybe it would be good for PM to send a text message a day or two before expiry if there isn't enough money on the account). So I topped up my account yesterday (before the 90 days were up), but I still have no service, it only says "Emergency calls only". I tried restarting the phone (both a reboot, and a turn off and on), and doing manual network search (it could only see "EXT 2G"), but nothing works. Not sure what to do now. 

Thanks in advance.


Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Hi all, thank you so much to everyone who tried to help me out solve my issue. I searched around, scratched my head, and finally at some point came across the reason for the problem:

My phone is a Oneplus One, "multi-sim"... but apparently, even though you can shove two sim cards in there, you can actually only use one (kind of). From what I gathered in Oneplus forums, if you want two sims at the same time, one of them has to operate at 2G.. something like that. Which obviously I cannot do with the Public Mobile sim.. or the other provider's sim. So, having removed the other sim, everything is working perfect with the PM sim. *sigh* I didn't realize this had happened, since the time I added the second sim coincided with some time before my PM account used up the remaining funds.. so that also explains why I never received the text message warning me this was about to happen.


Thanks all for your help. Problem solved. (Kind of). Time to go find a multi-sim (android) phone to replace this one.. any recommendations?

@insanerI am glad you figured out the issue, it can be a head scratcher.


Well any cellphones only have a limited # of space for antennas.. especially on a phone that is tailored for China.. some of the Antennas have to be for bands like TD that Canada doesn't use. 1 antenna can only connect 1 network at a time. You would have encountered less of a problem if your phone can do all North American bands, then 1 SIM can use 1 set of frequencies, the other use another. Samsung S9 and 10s do dual SIMs, take both of your SIMs and go to a Samsung store to try it out? That's my preferred way of testing things out.