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This new system is awful

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I have 3 accounts with public mobile it says 2 of them no longer exist by email

I dont want the 2 step verification because 2 of the plans are for my children and i dont want to have to put a code in to put money on their account

All three of my accounts have credits and i cant access anything

Also do not want to have to change my password i liked the passwords i had

This is ridiculous!!!!!!


Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

@Jesses the new system requires stronger passwords for your safety.  Log in to each account and follow the steps.  Choose a new password and if that isn't working, you will have to contact a CS agent.  The changeover isn't perfect but the safety of your account is very important.   Don't worry, your credits will still be there.

Once you've logged in using's not awful at all.  Be patient go with it.  😊

FYI...passwords for anything should be changed regularly for anything you have or you are far more likely to experience fraud.


@Jesses , the new rules on strong password is for customer protection.  After initial eversafe set up, 2FA can be bypassed by setting a device as trusted.  It may be possible to get 2FA codes to email by using the forget password option.  If that does not work, then a support ticket will be required.  

Mayor / Maire

@Jesses - once you and your other accounts get sorted out it should be less painful. SHOULD be 🤞

Do you recall if you and your 2 children's accounts were able to log in separately before this change? NOTE, each account requires its own unique email for a My Account. So, if accounts were never set up with their own unique emails, then have them set up with customer support (CSA).

To contact the Public Mobile Customer Support Agent (CSA)_Team, there are two methods to reach them:

1 -  Normally Faster  use this link to: Get Help With Public Mobile Chatbot


2 – Slower - Use this link to:

Contact Public Mobile Representatives (CSA) by submitting a message(ticket) to them here: Private Message to Public Mobile Customer Support Agents (CSA)


CSA contact methods also found here in Help Articles for future reference: ­

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