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Thinking about cancelling

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I have a question about canceling my service. So my next auto payment is about next week, but I am thinking about changing to another service provider, but I'm not too sure yet. I have to wait till Black Friday until I can make a decision. I have the 90-day plan and I know that once I pre-pay I won't receive a refund. What can I do? I can't just pre-pay for just November, can I?


@srlawren  Yes I assumed the fall promo 120/ 90 day plan = $40/month *2 = 80.  ( i didn;t account for taxes).  But i also dind't account for auto pay and loyalty, any referal rewards, nor switching to a 30 day plan.   if OP  switched to an in market 3gb LTE plan they would spend $52 and $62 for a 5gb plan  so the "insurance cost"ie not finding a better deal  then becomes $120- 52= .$68 or 120-62 =$58 minus rewards + taxes)


@tango3  the other option is to ask the mods to renew your plan early as you near your data limit.  lets say you use 6gb month it would mean your 12gb plan would cost $60month - rewards (again assuming you are on one of the promos) This method allows you to keep your plan and be more flexable with your data usage

Retired Oracle / Oracle Retraité

@mimmo I'm not sure how you get to your $80 conclusion?  Even if @tango3 is on the 2016 Fall Promo pricing of $120, and if we're talking about losing about 2 months of that 90 days' worth of plan amount, that would be $90.  But that's assuming the 2016 Fall Promo.  The actual amount could be higher.

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personal opinion seeing that you are on the 12gb/90day plan  is that is i would renew your current plan.  worst case you are out 80$.  that being said, if you do decide to switch, i am sure someone on the forum (myself included) might be happy to take over your account, especailly now that there is a way to port out and keep a plans (involves getting a textonly PM plan for 30days and a new sim card).  just dont try to auction the plan in the forum. 



Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Thanks for the help. I am on the 12GB 90 Day plan and I don't think 4GB a month is enough for me as I always reach near the limit every 3 months. I was hoping to see what Fido was going to offer for their Black Friday deals.


Prices have gone up and the current offerings from every carrier is pretty bad.  I am not sure that the year end offerings are going to be a repeat of the 2016.  It might not be a huge risk to buy another 90 day plan.  BTW, if your plan is a really good one, you can always transfer it to a friend and make them really happy. 

Mayor / Maire

@tango3 if You are on the 90 days fall promo plan or any other promo plan and if you decided to go hunting for deals and change to any other plan such as the 30 days plan, you will not be able to go back to your promo plan in case you don't find any deals and want to go back. 


So please keep that in mind. 

Adding to @ute1978's and @computergeek541's excellent points:


If you do change to a 30day plan we recommend doing a future dated plan change.


Good luck for your deal hunt!

As mentioned above, you would need to change to a 30 day plan if you want to pay for November.  If you are on a 90 day plan and you end up paying for 90 days, you get charged for 90 more days. There is no splitting up the payments into 30 day blocks, and there are no refunds for partial amounts of unused plans.


Keep in mind that if you make a change to your plan and then later change your mind, you can only switch back to a plan that is offered at that current time. 

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

That is right. There will be no refund if you prepay for the 90 days. Have you thought about changing and paying the plan to 30 days? Please be aware in order to be able to port out your number your account at Public Mobile must be active.