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The Community's Public Mobile Wishlist

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

We all have our wants and needs that we expect from public mobile and from time to time they make an announcement and ask for our imput. It then gets buried in the announcement board until the next time they make an announcement. Thanks to @gancanny posting his question today i thought that having a running thread of members wishes for their service maybe pm's @Alan_K and @Catherine_T can check in on it every once in awhile and see what wishes are actually feasible and cost effective and implement them. You never know your wish may come true! I know under @Tiana_V  time at public mobile ive had a couple of my wishes come true!


A few suggestions when posting your wish.......

  1. Avoid repetitive wishes if its already been posted or elaborate on it. How can it be implemented? Cost savings? Examples of it in other platforms?
  2. Bravo the suggestions you agree with or think are practical or useful for the many.
  3. Keep your wish in the realm of possibilities.....weve all heard those who want unlimited data throttled to 128kbps but that just isnt going to happen here anytime soon......

Go ahead throw your penny in the fountain......and happy wishing! Maybe yours will come true...

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Well done Max! My latest count is 6 wishes coming true.....the last being the $60/15.5gb plan.


Still no app, downloadable 30 day invoices, a permanent $30/2gb plan or the option for 4G LTE data but hey pm ain't doin' such a bad job about 50/50 so far.....they can still pull off a super duper boxing week promo to go with their third annual "More is Merrier" campaign.



Nice job so far after filling Catherine's shoes....👠👠😁

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

It would be nice if PM offered a $5 add-on for increased data speeds up to 10-20 Mbps for those who may be unsure about the 3G speeds or wants faster download speeds.

Or just increase the speeds to 10 Mbps and charge the same.


Just switch to the 3G network where the download speed averages 12mbps.


Lol...another wish comes true and it didn't cost $5!🤣🤣🤣

@darlicious wrote:


Lol...another wish comes true and it didn't cost $5!🤣🤣🤣

Funny you tagged me... I was actually thinking of replying earlier with the exact same suggestion about the unthrottled "real 3G" speed... But I deleted the notification earlier in too much haste hehe.

@darlicious wrote:


Just switch to the 3G network where the download speed averages 12mbps.

In some places it's 12mbps. It can theoretically achieve up to 42.2mbps (or more?) - though I've never seen it speedtest faster than about 18mbps in my area.


In other places it's slower than 3mbps. Sometimes much slower. Or essentially not available at all, in practice, since it won't consistently sustain fast enough connections to prevent timeouts.


But "3G Speed" over LTE has much lower latency. Which means that if you're searching, browsing, checking the internet, surfing social media, or doing email then it'll be faster. Raw download speeds aren't as important when fetching pages, they'll make a difference when doing raw downloads - things like file transfers, high-density video streaming, etc.

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

New Wish:  Public Mobile to allow using points to buy phones


This may encourage existing members to work harder to peddle points . . . . 😂

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I had made a fresh post of this elsewhere as I didn't know about this thread - re-posting here to have this all in one place ...



As things stand now, the ability to check the detailed usage of your plan is very primitive. It is better than nothing but it could be made so much more useful. I have a few "simple" suggestions for enhancement:


(1) Add another time period to the "7 day" / "30 day" drop down so that you can get the usage since your last payment (i.e. the start of the 30-day plan payment period.) Without this option, one has to check the billing history to find the most recent payment and then use the custom date range in the Usage History to find the items since that payment. The user shouldn't have to do this extra work.


(2) Add some very simple filtering options. For example, since the popular $15 plan only includes 100 minutes of outgoing calls, many people are likely more concerned with "Outgoing Call" usage entries. Another filtering option might be "only include entries which count against my plan limits" (e.g. only data usage and outgoing calls for the $15 plan and only data usage for the $25 unlimited talk plan.)


(3) Add a column in the usage details table to indicate which entries count against the limits of the user's plan (sort of an alternative to the second example of entry filtering in suggestion (2) above.


(4) Add an option to download all of the entries (rather than just viewing 15 entries at a time) in some format - Comma-separated values, tab-separated values, XLS/XLSX format. This would allow for for more advance filtering on the user's computer (e.g. using Excel or the like.)

Mayor / Maire


I should take my own cat's advice.....this has been my mistake all along!


I wish Public Mobile and the newest evil overlord on the block telus would revoke the outrageous 30% rate hike on the $10 50/50 plan and reduce the current Code breaching price of $13 by the $3 rate hike back to the appropriately priced $10. While I'm at it I might as well wish that this decision to invoke the 30% rate hike becomes Darren Entwistle's "King Midas" moment.



You too!

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

@darlicious- Here and counted in. Greedy b......'s. I could live with it becoming the 100/100 plan though. I'd pay 3 bucks for that. But not a forced plan change with nothing to show for it. That's just greed. Of course I'd really rather it just reverts back to how it all was. I fish it were so. 🙂