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Telus Network

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen


My phone number has barely data. 




The left corner indicate H+. Telus and PM is supposed to 4G LTE. H+ means 2G or 3G in Ontario, right ?


What's going on with the network?




@Mindy208 True , because of the lack of compatible LTE bands.


But again, he can try to change the network to 3G Only and it should give him better connection with slightly better speed. 


Of course, a permanent fix would to be replace with a phone with more compatible bands

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

@softech last night he saw the H+ instead of TELUS NATIONAL in the left upper corner of his cellphone and he responsed me. It's working after change APN. This morning he said it is too slowly. He lived in Windsor, the southern of Ontario.

His cellphone brought in China. As you picture shows, his cellphone ONLY has 1900 which is 3G B2 and don't have any 4G. 

So there is nothing I can help. He is better to buy a Canadian cellphone and access Telus network better.

@teacheremily- Nice of you to join the community and start participating. Welcome. The H+ is actually 3G data ie. HSPA+. Some phones might show a little R to indicate it's currently roaming on a US tower.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hi there,


The H+ usually indicates that you are roaming, and that your service is having to ping off other towers that might not be Telus/Public Mobile affiliated. 


@Mindy208 , location is very important for data performance.  I get an LTE connection at home all the time.  However, my speed test results typically low single digit.  I have an unthrottled speed plan.  Use this cell tower map to see what coverage is like in your area.

Mayor / Maire



is this the  OPPO A83  your friend has?  Where is his location?  I thought he has set up the APN and was working


Just need to clarify, you posted the reply from CS Agent. This is the Community here, others who replied here and myself are just customers like you but we are trying to help  🙂   


For the CS agent reply you got in the Community inbox, the one reply is actual PM staff.  Not sure if you completed the verification,  if so, reply  the message they sent you on the Community inbox and let them know you validated .  if not, still reply them and ask them to send you another validation link


At the same time, we will try to help here on the Community forum.   

Can your friend try to use the phone in another area just to rule out it is not local network issue?

Also, does he has another phone to test the PM SIM card?  Your friend has a Oppa phone, which have different regional variants.  To be honest, whichever variant he got, it won't work very well on PM has he lacks many frequencies used by PM.  These are the frequencies used:



It is best if he can use another phone on the PM network. 


But he can try to do this workaround, select the Preferred network type to 3G Only.  The phone should have the correct 3G bands to carry the data at the best 3G speed (around 12 to 15Mbps).  



Mayor / Maire

@Mindy208 hi I am guessing you are in contact with an agent about your internet speed,did you confirm to the agent it was you? you can get a response in your community envelope