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Talk and text plans when traveling to u.s.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

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HI @UkuleleN63   You will need to buy US Roaming.  There are different ones but they all are in 10 days period.


more info here

U.S. Roaming (

Mayor / Maire

@UkuleleN63  These are the available Roaming add-ons


US Roaming
Bundle - US Roaming - Talk Text (10-day) - $15.00 (10 Reward points)
Bundle - US Roaming - Talk Text 250 Data (10-day) - $20.00 (15 Reward points)
Data - US Roaming - 1 GB Data (10-day) - $20.00 (15 Reward points)
Data - US Roaming - 250 MB Data (10-day) - $10.00 (5 Reward points)
Data - US Roaming - 500 MB Data (10-day) - $15.00 (10 Reward points)
Text - US Roaming - Unlimited Text (10-day) - $8.00 (5 Reward points)
Talk - US Roaming - Unlimited Talk (10-day) - $8.00 (5 Reward points)


Pick on based on your needs.  Please note the 10 days, 240 hours, count down will start the moment you completed the purchase.  So, buy when you really need it


Also, if you are going for a lot longer than 10 days, consider getting Local prepaid Mobile Data with VoIP App.   You can receive text and calls on a different number assigned by the VoIP app.  It works and cheaper.  But you would not get 2FA text, so, you will need to do something about that if you expect to get 2FA authentication during the trip.  

Mayor / Maire

US Roaming for 10 day packages

Unlimited U.S. Talk, Text and 250MB Data Bundle = $20

Unlimited U.S. Talk and Text Bundle = $15

Unlimited U.S. Talk Only = $8

Unlimited U.S. Text Only = $8


U.S. Data Only for 10 day packages

250MB = $10

500MB = $15

1GB = $20

You don't need to purchase US roaming text add-on to receive incoming texts while in US.


REMEMBER: US add-ons start immediately after purchase and run for 240 hours.

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

@UkuleleN63  If just one visit the US roaming add-ons are fine. For multiple visits, or a few weeks, get TextNow plus their data SIM while in the US.