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Suspending service for 1 month

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin



I will be away for the next month and don't want to be charged for service. My account currently has $60 in available funds. If I suspend my service for " lost or stolen phone " the day before my next plan renewal date, will I not be charged? I don't want it to automatically debit my account, using a portion of the $60 available. Please let me know, thank you!


Mayor / Maire


Double check your transaction history for the first day of your 30-day plan then count 30 days to know exactly which day is your last day of your 30-day plan.


Unless you're leaving before day 30 you can safely suspend your plan via lost/stolen day 30 of your 30-day plan before midnight eastern.


This should also keep your voicemail active although it has been reported thay callers may reach the voice messaging system vs your voicemail if that is the case they can still leave a message but they need to enter your 10-digit phone number to then reach your voicemail.


You can hear your voicemail by calling your number and pressing "*" when your voicemail message picks up or if you get the voicemail messaging system you must enter your number and then press "*" and enter your voicemail pin number.


When you return and you want to reactivate your plan go back to lost/stolen and resume your service. Previously this would automatically reactivate your plan if your balance equaled or exceeded your plan amount. However with the new self-serve accounts it does not seem to automatically reactivate in fact you may find you have an issue getting it to reactivate because it does not process the payment in your balance.


If this occurs come to the community for help as we may be able to advise how to quickly fix this problem but others have had to contact customer support to reactivate their plan for them.


If you are on the $$ rewards program suspending the Lost stolen before midnight Eastern on day 30 of your plan will cause a glitch with your rewards not automatically applying upon renewal. After reactivating you will have to ask customer support to manually add them to your account balance. The odd agent may even give you grief over it but don't take no for an answer. If you are on the points program you are unaffected by this glitch as far as we can tell.


Happy travels and Stay--Safe!

Mayor / Maire

My own observations of the dates after all the refreshing of the site data is that the start date is the day before the paid date. ie. up to 11:59pm eastern of that day is still the current plan. The end date is correct up to 11:59pm eastern of that date. And there's no more Plan Expired notice to confuse customers. Midnight eastern...bam. But the thing to be aware of is the eastern time.

So do the suspend up to that eastern time.

If one is on rewards then one can suspend after the rewards pay out which is shortly after midnight. This is well before the renewal payment happens so suspending will not let the payment happen. But you got the rewards.


Resume-ing and reactivating may have some oddities though. @darlicious may be able to shed better light on that if she manages accounts with sufficient balance.

Mayor / Maire

You got it @Craig85 . but, you may want to consider listing as lost/stolen early morning before your renewal (or even a day earlier than that). Dates are odd as listed in our My Accounts.

Make sure to list it lost/stolen before it starts the renewal process the day before when it says 'Suspended'...but not really suspended, just going through renewal.

Mayor / Maire

@Craig85   Just remember to remove the lost/stolen once you're back before being able to reactivate the account once you return.

Mayor / Maire

That's the exact way to do it. Bon Voyage.