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Samsung Galaxy Flip phone 5 not sending texts

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Since a recent phone update,  I haven't been able to send mms messages from the telephone app. I've tried to change settings in the messages settings but nothing changed. Even messages from a friend have disappeared and I recieve nothing from him now. Please let me know how I can fix it. 


Mayor / Maire


You likely need to set up the APN on the phone to send and receive MMS. If you give us the exact model that may prove to be more helpful to us so we can troubleshoot for you but this thread may help you set up MMS on your phone as it will be very similar steps to what is in this thread or the linked threads within the thread on how to set up flip phones for sending and receiving MMS.

Mayor / Maire

HI@Jon64   I think Galaxy is moving away from it's own text app to Google Message

Download Google Message and start using it and see if the texts are there

Mayor / Maire

"telephone app"? Or texting app? You would need to turn on mobile data to send and receive MMS messages. Perhaps something changed in that before it would do that itself internally.