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SIM Not Allowed, Sudden Service Stop

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Located in Vaughan area, had ported to Public Mobile since last month and using eSIM. Service has been spotty at times, but this morning there is a lack of any signal. Using a Pixel 8 Android phone, did not have this issue previously stating SIM not allowed. On Device Check Canada my IMEI looks good. Any advice? Tried troubleshooting with resetting network etc as Chatbot recommended.


Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Thank you so much. Turns out it is eSIM issue, perhaps somehow became invalid. Didn't find many reports but few stating this occurred on a variety of phones before. They did charge me still though I'm an existing eSIM user so I will submit for a refund.


try disable the eSIM, reboot and re-enable it back

and since you have esim,  simply  get a replacement for FREE

To rebuy new eSIM for FREE, first, download the app on your new phone.  Click Account from the bottom, then click Purchase SIM Card and select eSIM

Once it confirms your phone is eSIM compatible, click Pay $  and Install (the system will check and apply a $5 credit to bring the total price back to $0 at checkout), and follow the prompt to complete and purchase and install eSIM on your device

(just I. case the system charged you, just open ticket with support and they will reimburse you)

Existing eSIM users at Public Mobile who need a replacement can do so at no extra cost. When you request a new eSIM through the usual process, we automatically identify you as an existing eSIM user and waive the replacement fee. See below for steps on how to get your new eSIM.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Issue came up today, approximately 6 days post renewal. Previously had been working adequately. No changes to the plan were made. I should have mentioned I'm using eSIM.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Good point, it has been over a month now since successful port. Submitted a ticket but was hoping for a quicker turn around.

hi @PKYEE even just pull out the sim and put it back could help

and did the issue comes right on the day of the renewal??  you made a plan change on renewal??

@PKYEE  You can't transfer the same esim to another phone, that test only works with a physical sim. Is it more or less exactly a month since you ported in?  Sometimes a port fails after a month but usually it just  gives you a new phone number.  I think I would submit a ticket with customer service, use the chat icon bottom right of this page and if that doesn't work use this link to private message support 

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Thanks, the Pixel is my primary phone and had been working with the Public Mobile service >1 month. I will have to find another phone to try the esim on. I have reset all networks, power on/off phone, disabled/enabled SIM without any benefit. Account is active on MyAccount and just billed a few days ago again.

Mayor / Maire

@PKYEE is the Pixela second phone you used to test the sim or your primary phone?? if not done that yet, check the sim in another phone 

Also try Reset all networks on the phone 

and check My Account for account status, is that active??

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