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Roaming talk is not working in USA

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hi all. last week I purchased Add-on data and talk for the US. I was there for 5 days but I could not call anyone. The 250 MB data was okay and I received texts with some delay. My partner had the same experience. We did all required settings based on Simon's suggestion but no suaccess. Now I'm back in Canada, is there any way to get a refund for this horrible service?? I paid $20 plus tax, my partner also paid the same (a total of $40 plus tax). 


Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Great stuff. Thanks

@jddean- It's not about "3G plans". It's about actual 3G talk. The networks in the states have shut down their old 3G talk network. Public uses 3G for talk. The 3G you wonder about is so-called 3G speed. But we all use 4G LTE (unless ones device is only using 3G).

So for us to talk-roam in the states, we need to connect to T-Mobile who still have their old 2G talk and of course your phone needs to support that (which it likely does). But text and data should theoretically be fine...on T-Mobile. I have a feeling AT&T has abandoned us. If your phone is on automatic networks then it might "connect" to AT&T but simply not work. So manually connect to time...and for other readers current and future.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I too had issues last trip to the states. I’m curious, do the issues only affect Public customers that have the 3G plans? 

Mayor / Maire


I would say it's very reasonable to at least ask for an $8 credit back to your account the equivalent of buying a US roaming talk add-on. Unfortunately the warning is displayed in the small print so unless you know to look down there you wouldn't see the caveat about some services not working although they certainly not specific as to what it is or any workarounds to getting voice services to work.


All prepaid providers in Canada with the exception of fizz have suspended US roaming options for their customers because of the decommissioning of the 3G network in the US. Fizz only offers data and text with their US roaming the reason for these policies along with the other providers is because they all have their roaming on AT&T only. Only Public Mobile has roaming on both AT&T and T-Mobile and T-Mobile still has a functioning 2G Network which your calls will drop down to if it can connect to that Network. But none of this of course is explained in the small print.


Here is some additional info on public mobile's US roaming add-ons that you may find helpful in the future.

Mayor / Maire

Do not expect any reliable service in USA due to shutting down of 3G network.

You could talk to agent regarding refund but since you had some spotty connection do not expect much.

Mayor / Maire

Go to top of page and click Get Help / Chat with Simon to start process of CSA assistance.

You can ask for credit, but don't be disappointed if rejected as you were advised before buying, of flakey talk service in US.

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US roaming talk can be an issue with Public mobile since the 3G network decommissioning in the USA.  Presently, Public mobile will use 2G Tmobile network, which can be unreliable in the USA.  


You could contact Customer service agent and ask for some compensation. YMMV. 

You will need to contact customer service agent (CSA):

Submit a ticket for CSA help. 

Follow the prompts to submit ticket.  


CSA may ask a few questions to verify account ownership and then should be able to help you. Response times can take a few hours.  Check your private message inbox (envelope in upper right corner of website).