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Roaming bundles

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Have the roaming bundles changed? 10 days ago, we bought an add-on for $20, which gave us talk, text and data. Today, we went in to buy another add-on for the same price and we bought data only for $20 by mistake. Is there a way to correct this? We also bought a $15 add-on for talk and text that we can't find anymore.


Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Yup, it's a TERRIBLE design. I went on a 30 day trip and had to contact mods after my add on expired to have it re added. So silly you have to wait until the next day. And pretty useless if you don't have WiFi to be able to renew after 10 days. 

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Thanks, I will try that. My husband selected the $20 add-on thinking it was talk/text/data as before, but it was data only. We also noticed that the $15 talk/text package on our account is not available on our mother's account. She had to pay $20 this time when she paid $15 10 days ago.

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 @Rascal : That's beginning to sound a little messy. You won't see an add-on to purchase when it is active. There is a at least an overnight delay in seeing it after it expires. Click on Plan Details and report back what all lines of add-ons you have there. Multiple talk features will not work properly.

So if the first bundle expired then you can actually make use of the talk/text bundle without problem before that delay.

Do you find that you use much data? So you're first bundle included 250MB. Now you have 1GB. Maybe you'll use that in conjunction with your new talk/text bundle.

Mayor / Maire

Usually US add-ons are not refundable as most start as soon as you purchase them.

It does not hurt to contact agent ASAP and ask them to modify your purchase.

Send a private message to the CSA by clicking


Let us know if that was successful.