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Rewards after suspension

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I will be travelling for a month and wanted to defer my plan but there was no such option. So I plan to disable my pre-authorized payment for a month until I return to Canada. I have friend referral and other rewards on my plan. If I reactivate my account after suspension, will I still have the same rewards or will I lose them?


Thank you!


Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire


You only earn rewards for the previous 30 days (or 90 days if you have a legacy plan) of paid service. Rewards are added to your account on your renewal night shortly after midnight eastern. (See the note below if you are a points rewards customer.)


If you disable autopay before midnight eastern on day 30 of your plan you will not earn the $2 autopay reward. If you disable it after your rewards are added but before the 2am eastern renewal time you will then earn the reward but your plan will be suspended for non payment.


Re-enable autopay before you manually pay and reactivate or before midnight eastern on day 30 of your next 30 days of paid service to earn the $2 autopay reward again.


If you have a balance that equals or exceeds your plan amount you must self-suspend via lost/stolen to avoid renewal using your available funds in your account balance. This also disables autopay from being used. As above suspending via lost/stolen after rewards are applied but before 2am eastern.


Or if you suspend before midnight eastern on day 30 your voicemail should stay active (I haven't tested this in awhile so YMMV) but a glitch causes your rewards to not be automatically applied. You must contact customer support after you pay and reactivate to manually apply your rewards to your account.


If you suspend for more than 60 days your loyalty reward increase will be delayed by the same amount of time as your suspension (60 to 89 days). Points rewards customers earn their annual 10 anniversary points regardless of any amount of days suspended in the past 12 months.


Community rewards are generally added to accounts sometime between the 5th and 8th of the following calendar month (but can on occasion be added later than those dates). You must have active service when community rewards are applied to your rewards account and/or when and if pm applies them directly to your account balance rather than to your rewards account to be applied at renewal. (**This is not common practice but has happened lately.)


Refer a friend rewards are earned as long as your referral has active service at the time that your rewards are applied upon renewal.


Note: Not all points rewards are applied just after midnight eastern upon renewal vs $$ rewards.


@ponnieandian , there is no impact to the reward level.  However, when the account is in suspension there will be no rewards issued.  So once the account is restore to active status, the next renewal will earn rewards.