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Renewing Plan with promotional offer

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin


Hello all.


I've used up all the data on my current plan (mistakenly been using my phone at home without wifi!). I'd like to renew the plan immediately.


However, I signed up for the promotional $40 / 15GB per month plan last week and that is no longer on the site as an option when 'changing' plan. Is there a way to renew immediately with the $40 / 15GB plan or do I just have to wait until the next monthly cycle and purchase some data add-on's in the meantime? 


Hope that makes sense!



@kaytus  I might have misread mis understood the question, I read it that they already are on the 40plan and burned through all 15 GB. Thus they need to renew that plan.


But if they only futuredated the plan then yes cancel the plan change and then do an immediate plan change to get data

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

@mimmo The question is even though he want upgrade the plan immediately. But the $40 -15GB is not on the plan list. Once you choice to change the plan on the renewal date. So what am I doing it, cancel the plan change on the renewal date. Then I pick the $15-40GB plan update immediately.  Once you paid up fund. , the plan will start for the new plan.


@kaytus   since he is already on the plan  it does not show up in the available plans.     there are two options:


1)Add $40 to the account and ask mods to do an immediate plan change. (takes some time)

2)  do an immediate plan change to a different plan and futuredate the plan they want ( more costly)

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

@morrijac it is just like me I chose to change the new plan on the renewal date. But I ran out the data. Yup. U are correct. It does not show the $40 for the 15GB plan. But I canceled the change to the new plan, then it shows $40-15GB. And i picked the plan and changed it right now. It works for me. I don't know about you.. You can try it. I hope it can help.

Mayor / Maire

That plan seems to be still there when I look. Click 4G for the 4G choices and then click the yellow down arrow (or right arrow) to get to the 15gb plan.

Do you not see the scheduled plan showing under the plan details? When is your renewal?

You can do an immediate plan change. There is no pro-rating here though.

Mayor / Maire



You CAN renew on the same plan however it requires customer support assistance.


To contact a Customer Support Agent, there are 2 methods:


  1. Use the ticketing system for a faster response time. Click here and type Customer Support Agent, then select Contact Us, then select Other (or the topic that more closely matches your request).  Click the result which states Click here to submit a ticket and follow the prompts,  or, 
  2. Send a private message to the Customer Support Agent by clicking here  You’ll need to be logged into your Community account for the link to work.


Watch for their response in your Community private mailbox which will be indicated by a number on the small envelope icon to the left of your Community avatar.