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Referral No more $10 signup bonus

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Disregard post - @hTideGnow pointed out people still get the $10 bonus as per Jades post. I was going off the website where it says "Welcome Present. Welcome To Public Mobile. As a little present, we'll give you 5 points. Look at you, already earning". I assumed that was replacing the $10 referral  credit but @hTideGnow  pointed out it is not.


Still read if you want. As regardless of the $10 referral credit it still is kind of wasted breath trying to convince people to switch over when there is no longer autopay reward and loyalty has been tweaked to $10 per year regardless how many years you stay.


Anyone else notice that the new points system no longer gives new signup a $10 bonus for using a referral code? LoL.


PM now gives them 5 points ($5) for joining instead. 


PM still gives 1 point ($1) for referring a friend. 


Is it just me that thinks this new point system is not going to be good for new sign-ups? Like people pushing friends / family to join.


There is not really a reason anymore to try and convince friends /family to move over to PM IMO. With Old reward system at least you had a lot of things to tell people to entice someone to make the switch. It was easy to list how much they would end up saving in the long run. Now with this new points system there ain't that much savings to be had.


Old rewards:

 "Oh you're on a $25 plan with (wtv other provider)..why don't you consider PM? Right away when you join your $25 plan is $23 on PM. There eyes start to glow cause they hear savings already. But wait! That's not all. Every year you're with them you get a $1 loyalty per month. To a max $5. Now there eyes get bigger and they start asking more questions about PM cause there head is calculating savings. Then its, hey there's more. Pm is offering 2nd month free right now. (Now they are really really interested) . Also ("No there can't be more? They ask). "There sure is my friend" If you do want to switch over I will give you my referral code and you'll get $10 signup credit. So your first payment will cost you the full $25, then second payment payment will be free, your third payment will be $9 cause you have $10 signup credit and $6 ($2 auto-pays) then your 4th month and every following month will be $23. So if you consider what you currently pay and what you would pay with PM. For first 4 months you're paying $57 instead off $100 with your current provider. You'll save $43 in the next 4 months. "No way!! Really?.... Yes really and thats not all..... you're sh#ting me there is more?? ... Yup. Every friend you refer you'll get a dollar off per month on your bill and PM at times gives out free holiday gifts.....sign me up now!! They say after you slip in the convo that support is online and 3g speeds.


New points system:


Ya well umm ya umm PM has a little bit of savings umm not really sure you'd be interested.. umm who your with now you get 4g and can call support but umm if you came to PM ummm they'd umm give you 5 points($5) umm and also ummm support is online only and umm you'd be lowered to 3g speeds. They'll give you 10 points  a year ($10) for staying with them.. oh also umm if you refer someone you get 1 point a month..umm ya. Thats pretty much the gist of things as they have already lost interest at beginning of convo lol...... probably more likely to turn around and say hey do you want my referral code for the provider I am with? 🤣🤣



I don't know, only my opinion, but I can't see myself wasting my breath trying to convince someone to switch over to PM any longer with this new points system.


I guess people will no longer get spammed with referral codes 😂 


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Hi @BeachNBeer 


Where did you see the 5 points on the new system?


Jade message still talked about the $10

Introducing Public Points Rewards - Community (



1 point every 30 days / active friend you referred

Refer a friend to Public Mobile, and you’ll receive one point for every 30 days your friend stays with us. 

Your friend will also receive a one-time $10 credit when they use your referral code.

Note: your referral code can be found on your My Rewards homepage. 

Every 30 days from your renewal date

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@hTideGnowis correct!!  The way I understood the new system is that NEW client get $10 credit (same as old, FOR NOW!) plus 5 points whenever the new online account is setup (normally not long after new client activate).


I do agree that the old reward system is better than the new point system.  However, for new client who has no choice, it's not too bad as there's "discount" in using point to "puchase" Addons.  Comparison :

1.  $5/500 Canada Wide LD remains 5 points, ALL other $15/xxx minutes LD only 10 points(33.3% savings).

2.  $5/200MB Canadian data remains 5 pt., $15/1GB Canadian data needs only 10 points(33.3% savings).

3.  US Data (all 10 days packages):

-  $10/250MB US data needs only 5 points(50% savings)

-  $15/500MB US data needs only 10 points(33.3% savings)

-  $20/1GB US data needs only 15 points(25% savings)

4.  US Roaming (all 10 days packages):

-  $20/unlimited US talk, text and 250MB bundle needs only 15 points(25% savings)

-  $15/unlimited US talk and text bundle needs only 10 points(33.3% savings)

-  $8/unlimited US talk only needs only 5 points(37.5% savings)

-  $8/unlimited US text only needs only 5 points(37.5% savings)

@Tahiti wrote:

plus 5 points whenever the new online account is setup (normally not long after new client activate).

Hi @Tahiti  I just not sure if the 5 points Welcome bonus is for US who switch over from old to new system or everyone , even new customers, who join Public Point will get the 5 points to start

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@hTideGnow  Hmm guess I missed  that part of her post, although didn't really read it all to be honest. Why do all the other's say points? Then that one say $10 credit?.. Shouldn't it say 10 points ?? Since each point is a dollar.


I was just reading off the main page and seen Welcome Gift 5 points figured that was to replace the $10 welcome bonus. Guess I was wrong since you pointed it out on Jade's post.  I'll log into computer so I can cross post out.


So they get the $10 credit that's good. But loose alot of other savings compared to old rewards. So really same thing. Wasting breath to convince people to switch over lol. Regardless of the $10 credit the auto-pay and old loyalty were key in convincing people to switch.  I would say that those two rewards were main highlights regardless of the $10 signup bonus. Which are both gone now. Although Loyalty somewhat remains with $10 in points per year regardless of how many years you stay.





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@hTideGnow  I put a line through the post. Since you pointed out the they still get the $10 referral credit. Thanks for pointing that out 👍

@BeachNBeer wrote:

 Hmm guess I missed  that part of her post, although didn't really read it all to be honest. Why do all the other's say points? Then that one say $10 credit?..




HI @BeachNBeer Now you make me wonder if they give 10 points on Reward or $10 in Available Fund for friend.  It seems the same 10 points=$10.  But the main difference for new Point system is that you have to reach 15 points to convert to $15.  You cannot use 10 points itself until you cumulate enough (15 points) to cash out

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@hTideGnow  Hmm did not know that either ( certain amount to cash out points) shows how much I read on this point system 😂.


I know @Tahiti  pointed out savings an buying add-ons. But are they really considered savings when now people are paying pretty much full price for plans? I would see them at savings if they were also savings on the actual plan. Since they're really not then those add-ons which look like a discount seem to be more of a adjusted price considering not much savings on actual plan. That's how I see that anyways...


Still going to be awfully hard to convince people to switch when other providers have same price with 4g and actual support.

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@BeachNBeerI agree with your comment!!!  I too used the old $2 autopay bonus as a DISCOUNT to plan fee to convince new client(s). 

It is what it is, we the "old clients" can choose to stay with old reward system, but not an option for new clients.  Let's look at the bright side, instead of $2, new client still get 5% + upto 10 points per year.  I wonder if Public will really gives 0.75 points to $15 plan, or round up to 1 point? (1.25 points for $25 plan)

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@hTideGnow  Also with you mentioning the point's conversion. 


Does that mean someone that wants to start assisting people in the forums. Would potentially have to wait like 8plus months to actually cash in on their reward? Im just going by like if someone were to post enough to earn a dollar per month. 8 month's for $8 plus their 5% points back.  Eventually they'll get 15 points around 8 month's mark to cash out.


If that's the case talk about slave labor 😂. Guess in future there may not be many posters helping out. Unless that's PMs plan from the get go. To slowly get rid of posters.