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Reactivating suspended account with autopay

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Trying to reactivate my daughter’s account and also reactivate her autopay after acct. being suspended for a month while she is away.  The only option I see after hitting the payment tab is her credit card listed with the option to make a specific amount payment, but no “autopay” tab.  

Thanks for any suggestions!


Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Thanks so much!

Mayor / Maire

Activate/deactivate autopay will appear when you make plan active. So you have to activate her suspended account first paying for the next month.

Mayor / Maire

@Eister   You will have to manually pay and reactivate first.  Once activate, you can turn on Autopay


To make manual payment, go to Payment Tab, One time payment.  click "Other (Enter the desired payment amount)", then manually enter the payment amount.

Once payment is made successfully, click "Reactivate current plan" if the button is around.   

then logoff My Account and reboot the phone.


Once the account is activated, you can go back to My Account, Payment Tab and Enable Autopay there.

Mayor / Maire

Autopay doesn't happen after suspension. You need to make a payment and use the other option (not amount due). Then autopay will work on the next renewal after that.