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RE: Form to transfer a number - clarify the Old Service Provider Equipment Serial Number field

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Happy to say I've just succeeded in setting up my account and porting my number from another account. It took me a long time, with calls to my previous provider and a PM live chat, to work out what info to enter in the 'Old Service Provider Equipment Serial Number' field since the serial number from my iphone kept disappearing after I added it.

In my case, this field required my phone's IMEI number, not its Serial Number. I suggest PM state that in the field descriptor, as this caused confusion in a process that should be fairly straightforward. 

Hope this helps someone else. Thanks. 


Mayor / Maire

@janep1 I brought this issue to PM attention. It is not the S/N you need to enter. You have to enter the IMEI number.

@darlicious wrote:


As in as above?

That is correct.


My response was moreso re the several identifier options in the activation screen (some of which are just taking up extra space)  


Glad to see we're on the same page re the 3 items needed.   😁




As in as above?

Mayor / Maire

Hi @janep1 


The old service provider equipment serial number is an antiquated term. Even the IMEI number is not required, though easier to get when you have the device with you.   


It seems Public Mobile puts a lot of identifier information pieces on it's activation pages (i guess they want to make SURE a new applicant has many ways to identify themselves so they don't abort the activation process and remain with their other provider)


I would recommend if doing so again (or recommending to others), make sure before starting you have the previous suppliers Account Number and Account Name the service was registered under.   


It seems to have the least issues when activating.


Welcome to Public Mobile!!!


Unfortunately the help articles are not always clear when looking for specific information. For future reference when porting a number into public mobile this is what is required to port:


  1. Your old(soon to be) provider's account #.
  2. Full name on the account.
  3. Phone number

The alternate phone number is not required but entering a phone # that you can be reached at (just in case) is helpful. This also will serve as an account holder verification question if necessary.

Mayor / Maire

Hello @janep1  - Welcome!


Sorry to hear of a bit of a bump in the road, you had in the beginning. I am glad you stuck with it and got it straightened out.

Good advice you have there! I think others have had issues (unclarity about that same thing).


Also good to share feedback. Maybe add it to this post:


You never know what will get updated / corrected, but there is always hoping.