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Public mobile plan offerings

Mayor / Maire

When did public mobile change it's mid-range plan offers? I thought I had seen more options when they first introduced the $55/20gb student plan but it seems that now there are only low or high data plan offers other than the student plan?


"3G" plans

  • $15/250mb*
  • $25/1gb
  • $35/3gb*
  • $40/5gb
  • $50/10gb
  • $70/20gb

* CRTC mandated plans (yes I know it says postpaid in the ruling....)


Why even offer the $70/20gb "3G" plan when presumably the full speed 4G LTE student plan will fill the $65/20gb spot once it expires as a limited time offer?


"4G" plans

  • $41.25/4gb
  • $45/6gb
  • $55/20gb**
  • $85/25gb
  • $95/40gb

**Limited time offer presumably returning to the $65 spot once this offer expires.


There is a large pricing gap of $20 with '"3G" plans and $30 pricing gap currently with the "4G" plans. Again this looks like telus's influence on public mobile's in the market offers are pushing customers to migrate to larger and more expensive data plan options and eliminating mid-range options. They have to leave the lower price options otherwise we might as well just be with Telus with full customer service and all the other options and frills that a first tier provider offers.




Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Awesome, thanks so much!

Mayor / Maire


The $55/20gb plan is being offered for a limited time. At some point pm may pull the plan from the market and "grandfather" it as a legacy plan allowing customers to keep it as long as they don't change plans.


Traditionally it will stay at the same price point but as per the terms of service that you agree to every 30 days public mobile can do what they want when they want so it's subject to change in price if they want to change it.


Alternatively if a plan proves popular Public Mobile may choose to put it permanently on the plans page as a regular plan. When that happens it gives customers a little more flexibility to change back and forth between plans with less of a worry that the plan can be pulled from market at any time.



There isn't any guarantee that a plan price won't change in the future. However, the $55 price isn't a temporary price.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

@computergeek541 does that mean that if I upgrade to the $55/20GB I will only lock in that price temporarily and the cost will go up after the promotion period?



When the 4g plans were introduced on July 13, there was no 20GB 4g plan.  I can confirm the earlier post that the $55 plan included 8GB and the $65 plan included 15GB.

Mayor / Maire

@darlicious $55 goes to $65. OR $55 stays at $55 and the triple points go back to points x 1 ??

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen doesn't have good coverage of that time period, but dug up the Mobile Syrup article about the launch plans:





have been dropped, obviously because the $55/20GB is a better value than those.

Mayor / Maire


I do believe when they offered 4G plans on July 13th the 20 GB plan was priced at $65. Or maybe it was $70? 🤔



Yes I think the 10 GB plan was $55.

Mayor / Maire

I think it will be $75 when the offer expires. $65 is too good of a deal. or they bring back the 10gb plan for $55 or was it $60?.