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Public mobile has been taking my money monthly and sending text to my number

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Taking my money for over a year and they don't know who i am what a joke. They send text but can't find my account, well no issue taking monthly payments. I highly suggest you think about this service. I am not finished knowing 2 weeks I can not call loved ones or for a emergency and not getting any help. I have my last receipt for my payment,




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@mavb1234 wrote:

I have been talking to a agent 3 hours and waiting on a reply.


Was there a 2nd account created way back when? To bad this was not noticed sooner; but better now than even later.

Glad you are in contact with agent(s), and hope you get this resolved soon.

Mayor / Maire


Do you have the $15 plan? So you have limited outgoing calls? So have you used up your 100 outgoing minutes? You can phone 611 from your phone and find out what your usage is? That would present a problem if you never set up a self-serve account because you cannot buy the $5/500 minutes add on thru 611 you can only purchase that add on through your self-serve account.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I have been talking to a agent 3 hours and waiting on a reply.

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Prepaid services such as public mobile allow you to specify any name to use, as there's no contract. Perhaps you can update your name if you wish to be identified. As for the services issue, I understand you can text but not call? My initial thought is that if it's an international number, you won't be able to make a voice call to it unless you have purchased an international voice add-on. Texting is included to international numbers, so I wonder if that could be where the confusion lies.

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

If it’s a joke, why are you still paying for their service for over a year?
What steps have you taken to fix the problems you are having? What do you mean by “they don’t know who I am”?

Try being polite and ask a specific question to the community and you might get some resolution. Don’t forget, we are customers trying to provide help to others. 


Mayor / Maire

So what is your complain/question???

Do you have account with PM? Do you use PM's services?

If you are not happy with service WHY did you wait for a whole year to start complaining NOW?

Whatever account issue(s) you have, contact agent and they will assist you. And yes, they Do know who you are. When you contact agent they will, after verifying that you are customer, access your account and now everything about you...

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Did you activate in store and set up autopay and that was it? Do you know any if the info from that set up other than your name and phone #?

Mayor / Maire


tried use browser from computer,and clear cache and cookies and use one page inPrivate mode,

To Login Page  

you will get verification code by email or SMS
and inserting the 6 digit number and not press anything
just wait a 5 second automatically be login,,

check your account status is Active, or call *611 what is say?


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So...are you using the services? Calls in? Texts? Data?

Any phone (not really old CDMA) can call 911 with or without an active sim in it.

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

@mavb1234 have you tried contacting customer service 

to contact a customer service agent

you will need to open a ticket,    Click here or if you are having issues with Simon you can send private message to a CS Agent here: