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Public Points/Reward clarifications for newbies

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

One Time

Welcome Present - 5 points, applied 1 day after

Loyalty Perks – 1 point for very month with PM. Very confusion – should this be recurring and how is this different from the recurring Anniversary Points.



Points-Back – 5% on indelible plans and add-ons.  

Points-back Extra (Bonus/Promotion) – applied separately from the regular 5% points-back to eligible purchases within 4-5 business days.

Anniversary Points – “For every twelve months you stay with us, you’ll earn 10 points.” Confusion – you get 10 points every year or you get 20 points in the second year and so forth?

Give Back – 1-20 points for helping out in the community forum.  As one said, you must be kind of full-time online helping to get 20 points.

Refer-a-Friend - 1 point every 30 days / active friend you referred.  (point or credit?)

Refer-a-Friend Promotion/Bonus – applied days after. (points or credit?)


Points Redemption

Minimum redemption of 15 points required to receive a bill credit.  You will need to specifically redeem your 15 points through reward portal to apply to your next bill.



Pros and Cons of Points System



Fair to non-credit card paying customers

Cheaper to purchase add-ons using points



Very confusion. PM needs to specifically clarify some of those points by examples.


Mayor / Maire

And add, if you use a referral code you will receive $10 in 72 hours, but usually the next day. 







Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Yes! That's why I wasn't tempted to leave PM for koodo. PM has been consistent with their monthly billing.  No surprises!!  Certainly a massive help for people like me on a tight budget. 

@tzliu but actually, it's not bad, they apply the $10 as credit , so, technically you can use it to buy add-ons without waiting for renewal time  🙂

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

@softechYes, you may be right.  Another confusion part - I had expected the referral bonus to be applies through the reward portal. 

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

@hairbag1  This is not intending be a criticism about PM and what is offering.  I have two lines - one line on old reward and a new one just switched back from Koodo.  What I am saying is that PM needs to be more specific about some of the points or modify what they intend to provide as they go. 


The old reward is well-defined but it is only good for those who spend less than $40 on plans with credit card payment. 


PM, unless it is arbitrarily bumping up its prices, is the only provider that you pay less as you continue to be with it.  Koodo bribed many old PM users, myself included, to switch over.  Koodo has done a bell/rogers/telus decade-old-practiced trick, bumping up its price without notice. 

@tzliu you hust joined?  the $10 likely the referral bonus and not from Rewards point.  The points need to be manually request for bill credit

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

@softechcheck your account under Available Fund and Payment tab.  It showed $10 for me and my bill next month is reduced by $10. 

@tzliu I cannot find the automatic converting 10 points , you have the link?

Mayor / Maire

It is very confusing, I know.

If you're considering a Public Mobile account, I'd suggest going ahead and starting the process.

PM only recently started the Points nonsense and everyone on it is confused. It seems to "evolve" as we go along.

Give it a try for a few can always go to a different provider whenever you feel you'll get a better deal elsewhere.

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

@softech Yes or at least for me.  I think it may be requiring you having more than 10-points. 

Mayor / Maire


>  Point Redemption

> Points in roundup will automatically applied to your next billing (not sure if the points must be over a 10-points threshold).  There is no need to specifically redeem your 15 points through reward portal.



@tzliu  did they change thar?? used to be a redeem process ..