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Public Mobile 15GB of 4G for $40/month?

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Hey, I got this text message from the phone number 5194. Is this offer actaully true (I guess I could just respond back with YES)? And, is there a catch to this, because it seems like a no brainer for me since I'm paying $35 for 3GB?

"Public Mobile here. We've got a big great deal for you. Get 15GB of 4G speed data for only $40/month. Reply "YES" to get this limited time offer added to your account on your next renewal date. Plus, tell your friends that they can also get this offer. Available for a limited time to new customers during the Activation process. Reply STOP if you no longer wish to hear about Public Mobile offers."


Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I have mine to switch at renewal - actually pretty pumped to not have to worry about my data consumption anymore - after being with public mobile form 4+ years it feels like it's finally paying off by switching to a 4G plan for the same price and now this 15GB offer - I'm so used to being able to ration 5GB 3GB data, feels like Christmas came early. 

Retired Oracle / Oracle Retraité


If you only used 3GB data of less/30days, there is no points to spend extra $5/30 days during the high inflation period.

Data is addictive.  It is easy to use more data.  But it take more will power to use less.


I have not received the 15gb plan offer by test message.  If your text message instruct you to reply YES, that is simplest way to switch plan.  I had switched one of my accounts to the new 15GB 4G plan by login to self-serve portal to schedule my plan change on my next renewal date which is a few days ago withe any issue.



You will only pay $40 per cycle.

Select it to change at your next renewal. You will only pay $40 (plus tax obvs).

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I don't have to pay 75$ a month, correct (35$/mo for my current plan 3GB monthly plan + $40/mo for the promotional 15 GB)?

Will my total monthly cost/data be $75/18 GB or $40/15GB?

Mayor / Maire



Yes, the offer is legit. 

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