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Promo $34.95 90 day plan/4G network/20gb data

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I purchased what I thought was this plan, but instead the 30 day plan for $39.95 appeared and I paid for that. At the payment stage there is no option for the 90 day plan, even after I selected it from the  plan options page. I chatted with 3 different customer support persons, with 3 different answers. So that was a waste of an hour.  The phone has not been activated as I am waiting for the SIM card. Now I see Public Mobile is a waste of time with total lack of customer support to fix this.

How do I get a refund???


Mayor / Maire

Just make the change to the 90 day plan effective your next renewal date.

Also just to clarify there's no $0.95, it's $39/30 days or $102/90 days ($34 per 30 days).

Mayor / Maire

@Frustrated64 - oh gosh. What were the customer support persons saying? You mean CS_Agents right in private messages in your inbox? You need to figure it out with them; they are Public Mobile representatives.

Mayor / Maire

@Frustrated64  Yes you have to select 20GB for $39 confirm for next renewal then you have option before confirming a final time to choose 30 days $39 or 90days $102 . You can still go do this in your account  if you like or ask support if they can just put  you in this plan and pay the difference 

send a  private message   To CS_Agents click          

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