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hi team,

I just renewed my plan 5/27. However, one day after,  I need to change my plan for more data. I prefer to choose change immediately since the new cycle just started. From the q&a seems like the current monthly fee won’t be refunded. But since the renewal just happened one day before, I am requesting my refund for the last payment.


thank you,



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@Handy1  There is no image showing. Time to add it when you post, or add an accurate verbal description. 

BTW: in horizontal mode I can see the Camera link to add from my saved photos. 

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nothing preventing you from asking CSA to change your plan without penalty..BUT...if they reject your request, you can buy 1 GB of data add-on for a mere $15. That data add-on would last for 30 days from the time of purchase.



In general, there is no refunds with Public mobile and PM does not pro-rate plans.

You can contact customer service agent to see whether they can accommodate the request. No guarantees. YMMV.  Might even want to add some extra funds into your available balance to make up the difference.  See what CSA has to say.  It willl normally take a few hours for response. 

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@Berry  You have to  ask support to make an exception in your case , good luck 

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