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Plan change unsuccessful, acct deactivated

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Hi, I attempted to change my plan but it has not gone well. Today was the end of my billing cycle, phone not working, says payment declined (even though there are sufficient funds available on my autopay card that's been working for years now).


Said there was a balance owing of $6, I changed to a different credit card and signed back up for autopay (that went fine), shows a balance of $10 on the acct but it will not reactivate. 


I'm at a loss, any advice?


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 @rob79 : Good to hear. You changed plans down right? And you're on the new plan now right? And you have extra in your Available Funds now right? Right? Jeez. Say right much right. 🙂

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Thank you! This did it. I had to make a manual payment for the other amount.


How annoying! But thanks again for the quick reply.

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

To confirm - you do have enough funds in your account now, correct?  (This is different than your autopay card.)  You can try manually adding funds and/or $1 to see if the system will pick it up again.


Otherwise for account-specific issues, you can always try reaching out to a Moderator - click on the chat bubble in the lower-right of your screen to open up a ticket through the SIMon chatbot.  Similarly, you can message the Moderator team directly:

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 @rob79 : There's a bit of a bug in changing plans where you may need to have sufficient funds to cover the old plan. So whatever that was make sure you have that amount. I's goofy. But give that a whirl.

Maybe post a screenshot of your overview page so we can see what you have. Blank out personal info of course.


Edit: deactivated is a bit of a keyword here. You've merely been suspended. Deactivated is after 90 days of suspension. just fyi.

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