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Plan Mismatch

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I signed on today to make sure I had enough data remaining for an upcoming trip and found that my PC is incorrectly showing that I am on a 3GB plan. I am on the 15GB 4G plan from the fall deal last year, which is what I have been getting charged for and is what shows on my phone. I want to stay on the 15GB plan obviously, does anyone know what would have caused this and if I need to change anything to make sure my plan does not drop to this 3GB plan? Screenshots from both phone and computer below: From PC.pngFrom Phone.png


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Thank you for the help everyone, it appears that the site was loading old cached  data. The correct amount is now showing when I check on both devices.


@xCoole   you made a plan change from $35 to $40 ?



With this new site, you likely still reading off the cached version, so the usage you got was not up to date


Please  login My Account using Incognito mode (or InPrivate for Edge, Private for Safari) or try again with a completely different browser like Edge/Firefox/Chrome or try on another device.  You should then see the latest info from the server.


Mayor / Maire

HI @xCoole 


could be just a browser issue


Please login agian using Incognito/Private/Secret mode

Mayor / Maire

@xCoole Try clear caches and cookies then using private mode to login by computer again, don't use mobile to login.

Mayor / Maire

@xCoole  -  try logging into My Account through an incognito tab and see if that helps. Could be a cache issue?

Also, you can try clicking the circle arrow thingy in your account, see below.





When you call 611 from your device you can check the data balance remaining on your account. This also includes any addons you have. What does it tell you?

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