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I can’t make a payment right now - it’s not accepting any cards ??? Please help 


Mayor / Maire

If you're close to the end of your current term (or currently suspended) then you can also pay by voucher or instant top-up and then figure out the payment card problem.

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Mayor / Maire



if you login to My Account , is the status already Suspended?


is it not "accepting" any cards or just not accepting the payment and you still have a card on the system now?


if you still have a card on the system, try to go to Payment tab, click on time payment and click "Other" and enter your Plan amount +$1 extra to see if the payment goes through


If it does, good, click "Reactivate current plan" if there is such button around, 

then logoff my account and reboot the phone


If you cannot add any card back on the system and there is no card linked in the system, open a ticket with PM Support:

**After opening the ticket, please watch your community inbox (envelope icon top right), the cusotmer support agent will respond by sending you a message there.


Not applicable



Accepted payments(


i suggest you close all Browser and do clear cache and cookies for any Browser,

and try open one Browser incognito mode,

or try it for a different Browser and open incognito mode,

how to open Browser incognito mode visit Here link,

how to clear cache and cookies and History visit Here link,

and use a Browser from your computer,is better

use Browser microsoft edge or chrome latest version
and just make sure your Browser is up to date update
sometime is the Browser is not update is give a issue.

how to update your Browser visit Here link, 

and Restart your computer, is will help a lot,


and log in and re-entered your credit details,


just make sure your credit card number and your address match the same,

sometime your typing but is a one word or letter or number is a wrong or missing just make sure for it.


How To Update or Remove Your Payment

Follow these steps:

1. sign in to Self-Serve.  Once signed in,

2. click on the ‘Payment’ tab,

then scroll to the bottom of the page and select ‘Manage my card’.

you will have the option to either select ‘Replace this card’, or ‘Remove this card’.

You will need to review and confirm this change to your account,


after you Add your credit card go back,

  • Click on Payment
  • Make a Payment
  • one Time Payment 
  • Payment Type: selected other ( Enter the desired payment amount )
  • you will do manually enter Amount:$$ + $1 extra
  • Click ‘Submit’,
  • after payment successful,  you have to do Rebooting your phone
    what is meant by rebooting the device turn off and turn it back on.
  • and how much you pay the extra is will going to your account Available funds:$$ has the amount left, and for next bill cycle the will take it from there automatically,


and if can't fix it you need To Contact Customer Support Agent by CS_Agentand Explain your issue to them can solve your issue, they are nice service Team the will help you 100%.


Here’s How To Contact Customer Support Agent,

  • send a private message to Customer Support Agent by Click Here link,
  • please include in your message,
  • phone number,
  • Email address,


  • Customer Support Agent by CS_Agent, will Response to your inbox by private message 
  • During business hours, we strive to answer customer messages swiftly. You will often get an answer within an hour. During peak periods, you may need to wait up to 48 hours.Customer Support Agents are available:
    • Monday to Sunday: 6 AM to 10 PM EST
    • Note: Public Mobile No Support by phone call or Email.. only by CS_Agentprivate message..

    Check your private message inbox (click on the envelope top right of your screen)

         Good Luck.


Verify your identity (

Mayor / Maire

@eilidhmacphail1   You can load a prepaid voucher to your account by dialing 611 on your phone and then follow the prompts.  This gives you some extra time to deal with your cards not being accepted. 


BTW make sure to clear browser cache/cookies and use incognito mode when accessing your account/making any account changes.     Also if you're changing your payment card, make sure you fill in the CC name/address exactly as it appears on your CC statement and no spaces for the postal code.

Mayor / Maire

@eilidhmacphail1 wrote:

I can’t make a payment right now - it’s not accepting any cards ??? Please help 

@eilidhmacphail1  - is your account going through a renewal and your Self Serve account was showing messages that were concerning you?

Well, if you have your services working, don't fret, you can ignore those messages.


If you are not going through a renewal day, and you are simply trying to add funds to your account perhaps now after some time has past the process will be more happy to allow what you need done.


Where were you getting an issue?


Try a different device this time, or opening a tab in incognito mode when you do try again.

Help article for paying for services, if you would like to review: