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Overcharged For Refurbished ZTE.

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen


purchased through email link sent to me a ZTE but was charged $69. + tax rather than advertised $39. + tax.Offer Includes a Reoccuring $5. credit for 6 months.

Send emails to originating address with No Response.

Have Order Number available. Phone Received.

Please Assist



  • 1x Bonus SIM for $0.00 each
  •  1x ZTE Cymbal 2 - Like New / 8GB / Black for $69.00 each

Subtotal : $69.00 CAD

HST : $8.97 CAD

Shipping : $0.00 CAD

Total : $77.97 CAD






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Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

CS_Agent Responded and problem resolved in minutes.



Mayor / Maire


That is strange usually no more than an hour or two on a weekend?

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Just answered and posted

3 posts have vanished!


Also does CS_Agent take weejends off? No response to message yet

Mayor / Maire


Ah yes you jumped the gun a little but I imagine pm will issue a refund or a credit if you don't want to wait for a refund to be processed back to your card. I just waited until the proper prices were updated before placing an order for one of my referrals that recieved the email. It was a win-win for them as they lost their phone. I gave them the same phone that I had ordered in the spring but has basically sat unused ( other than to check a few newly activated Sim cards) and swapped out the Sim card and they are back in business. The phone and Sim card replacements set to arrive at my house sometime this week? Was your phone shipped via UPS?

Mayor / Maire

@Me0W   Good to know the condition is good in your opinion.  The sooner you try to get a hold of a customer service agent, the sooner you'll get your problem fixed.

Good luck 🤞

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Will Do Quigley. Messaged CS_Agent as suggested.

Refurbed ZTE for $9. is a Deal imo.

Great Device for some.

Condition looks good, on charge and shall use shortly and get back.

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Email clearly stated $39. Price plus $30. Line Credit.Was not given Grade Selections.



Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

I don’t know what happened! I looked just now & it shows the sale price! I would contact a CS_Agent & ask what happened!


Mayor / Maire

@Me0W  Sounds like you went ahead and placed your order for that $39 phone before Public Mobile had time to update the website.   So you got charged the regular and full price of $69.

Use either the Chatbot Simon or send a private message to CS_Agent

To start the process of getting your refund or additional credit.

By the way hows the condition of the phone? Is it's close to new?

Mayor / Maire

PM sells different grade of phones: like new, very good, good.

Maybe you clicked on higher grade by accident?