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Outgoing minutes for my account is not accurate

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hi,  The outgoing minutes for my account is not accurate and I want a Public Mobile Support person to look at it?  How do I file a Support incident and talk to an actual person to get this issue rectified?


Has anyone else had this issue?  The outgoing minutes are inflated to a really high number and I'm not sure why so I end up getting close to the limit of 100 minutes every month which is just not fair since I haven't made many phone calls.




Mayor / Maire

@gfarnell hi checking voicemail counts against your min also 1 sec on your phone will count as a min it won't take long to reach 100 minutes, the 5 dollar 500 minute addon is a good option if you are woried about running over your minutes plus they carry over until all used up I have the same plan

Mayor / Maire


It's also important to remember calling voicemail from your own phone uses minutes. Ring time counts when a call connects. So 1 minute is rounded up at 53 seconds to two minutes, 1 minute and 53 seconds is 3 minutes. Hang up by 52 seconds. When calling others and it seems to be going to voice mail hang up immediately after the 4th ring if you don't intend to leave a message so you dont  get a metered minute. Download textnow or fongo to use for calling voicemail or calls that you may be put on hold. And/or buy the $5/500min add on.

Mayor / Maire

@gfarnell   Can you explain in details what is not accurate?


Just fyi, please note that calls  are always rounded out to the next minute, so a 1 second call and a 59 second calls will be both marked at 1 minutes.  This is a standard for all carriers and long distance calling company as well.


Also, please note that checking voicemail from your phone will be counted towards the outgoing minutes as well.  To save some minutes, use landline or VoIP apps instead

Mayor / Maire

Could you provide few examples?

Be aware that any call time between 1 - 59 seconds is considered 1 minute. And calling your voice mail takes your cell minutes. Call counter starts as soon as other phone starts ringing. So if other party needs 10 seconds to pick up your call and you talk 51 seconds with them it is considered 2 minutes (61 seconds = 1 full min + 1 sec=1min).