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Open topic about the PM coverage in the National Capital Region and your opinions (Ottawa-Gatineau)

Mayor / Maire

Hello everyone. I hope eveeryone is hyped for the Chrismas 

I would like to open a small topic for us living in the National Capital Region (NCR) (Ottawa-Gatineau) and suburbs (yeah thats around 7-10 people is here XD) to talk about their experience so far with PM and their coverage, and wether there are some stuff laking or even your own suggestions for better services. 

Let me start from this, the fact that I transfered from Wind (yeah I know they have a new very canadian name but I am still comfortable with Wind) so, ... yep, that lost signal and roaming sign ....disapeard and I don't really miss it. 😛


After just a month here are few notes that I collected.

  • I live near Britania Beach so very close to the river, but I never seem to have bounced to towers on the other side of the river or experienced any sudden call drops. the same when using the service on Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway. No problems
  • From inside the my house I noticed that the signal went from 5/5 on Wind to 2/5, Call quality was not greatly affected, the Internet speed either 
  • Reception Downtown is amazing ranging from 4 to 5 bars at all times (thanks to Bell boosters on almost every building I am working at). 3-4 bars on most buildings at Parking level 3 underground. (No service with Wind or Rogers for at least the last 3 years I have been there) 
  • Compared to other cities I found the Download and Upload speeds really low it was averaging at Down: 22 Mbps / Up:9 Mbps Ping: 24ms  from Home (2 bars) at 5 am on saturday to Down: 28 Mbps / Up:12 Mbps Ping: 31ms  right under a Bell booster with 5 bars at 7 am on Sunday (Downtown) on the same Rooted Galaxy S5 . While it is disapointing for LTE it is heaven compared to 3Mb Down and 1Mb Up from Wind 
  • Same speed results on all of downtown region up to Bayshore area (anyone on south, or east?)
  • I seem to have some problems in Little Italy, I frequently dropped calls around Preston and Bronson st. 
  • Cell signals seem to go low when surrounded by appatement buildings
  • Really good coverage at Gatineau and call quality was very good.
  • Excellent reception inside the University of Ottawa classes, loses somes bars when underground but still available 
  • Short message services like (560-560) for OC tranpo works fines but I stopped receiving SMS notifications from RBC bank, (not sure why!)


Please share your opinions about what you have noticed when using the service around the city, and let us know what you think

While I dont call a lot to Gatineau I am still a bit mad that it is not included as local calling.

This is not a complaining post, it is just opinion, and everyone is welcomed to share their opinions, I haven't really find something to complain about ... (Not yet)


Please excuse typos , english isn't my first or second language.

Thanks for reading the long post.

 Edit: you can see when the switch happened

The last test is the speed for the PM 3G network